The Future of eCommerce

Welcome to the Future of eCommerce

On March 23rd, everything changed to such a great extent that we now have a new definition of ‘normality’.

Whilst speculation is building around when and how the UK will get back to normal, there is a real possibility of lockdown being used to prevent further infection spikes as and when needed.

Each week on our Future of eCommerce series we will take a deep-dive with one of our key partners to explore with industry experts what the Future of eCommerce is starting to look like, and could evolve into in the coming months.


Visualsoft x TrendBible | How trends work for eCommerce and how companies can use change to their advantage

As part of Visualsoft's Future of eCommerce series, Founder and CEO at TrendBible discuss how trends work for eCommerce and how to use them to your advantage.

Trend Bible is a future consumer forecasting agency that work with retailers and brands all over the world, who predict lifestyle and behavioural change to help them stay relevant.
Joanna will explore:

- Why trends matter: what are the benefits or responding to trends and how to get forecasts right.
- Sharing best practice: how the world's best brands make trends work and how to apply trend-based strategies to your creative business.
- A discussion on how to deal with 'Black Swan' events: how to deal with surprise events such as the Pandemic.
- An exploration into key lifestyle trends for the year ahead.
- Top tips for predicting change in your business.


Visualsoft x | Navigating the New Normal: eCommerce Strategies for Innovative Growth

While the UK’s gradual exit from lockdown is expected to unlock our economy, we are likely in for an unpredictable future. Will we see a U, V or W economic recovery? How will consumer demand pick-up and on what purchases?

Regardless, eCommerce has proved resilient, with a promising future whichever way the economy heads.

Please join Visualsoft and for this session in the Future of eCommerce series.

James Grainger, VP Commercial Partnerships, at will be discussing:

- What merchants can do to future-proof their business
- Investing in a long-term online commerce strategy
- How to approach extraordinary contexts/ periods of uncertainty like (but not limited to) COVID-19.


VS x Sage Pay | Open up for business: Operating is the New Normal

Director of Marketing and Product at Sage Pay, Martin Pitcock, will be presenting this session in the Future of eCommerce Series - Open up for business: Operating is the new normal.

Martin is an experienced commercial leader in payments, focused on developing new capabilities, as well as winning and building new partnerships. He has 14 years experience in the payments industry with a deep understanding of business lending and alternative finance products, payments and banking.

It’s been a period of constant change. In this webinar, Sage Pay will take a look at how our purchasing habits have adapted during the Coronavirus pandemic, new expectations in consumer behaviour and explore the landscape of post-lockdown opportunities.

Please join us for this conversation about the challenges and shape of recovery in the months ahead.


Visualsoft x PayPal | The eCommerce Impact of COVID-19

PayPal's Partner Growth Manager, Jess Tinker, discusses the eCommerce impact of COVID-19, and will be sharing some of the trends that PayPal have seen throughout this time period as businesses adapt to the changes in the market.


Visualsoft x Trustpilot | Why trust is more important than ever for your eCommerce business

As part of Visualsoft's future of eCommerce series, Trustpilot's Head of Partnerships, Peter Simpson, presents "Why trust is more important than ever for your eCommerce business".

Pete joined Trustpilot 3 years ago as part of an expansion of Trustpilot’s partnership program and brings a wealth of experience of building strategic alliances and channel programs from across a number of UK start-ups, including Cramer, Secerno, Reevoo and most recently Which? Trusted Traders.

In this webinar, Peter will detail:

- The importance of building trust online especially in challenging market conditions

- Trust signals that buyers look for in brands

- Industry trends across consumer buying behaviour during COVID-19

- How to build an online strategy post COVID-19 to maintain sales or fulfil any shortfalls


Visualsoft x Nosto | Staying Agile: Optimising conversion and AOV in 2020

Ellie Docherty, Partner Manager at Nosto, presents "Staying Agile: Optimising conversion and AOV in 2020".

Nosto’s 2020 Fashion report shows that many KPIs are actually up YOY.

Physical store closures have necessitated a shift to online and there is plenty of evidence from around the world that those who have made the switch, are unlikely to return the majority of their spend to offline any time soon, if at all. This could be good news for eCommerce overall, but online sales are not yet making up for the dip in brick and mortar sales.

Ellie's session will detail:

- Managing shifts in consumer behaviours
- Engaging with new online shoppers
- Retention of loyal customers
- Increasing AOV and conversion


Visualsoft | Don't Mention the 'C' Word

Our very own Gavin Lowther, Head of Digital, presents "Don't Mention the 'C' Word".

In a current uncertain climate, it's time to overlay Digital Marketing with what the future holds. Gavin will detail how and why a retailer's regular approach should be adapted based on the current situation, and based on each retailer's individual situation. Don't Mention the 'C' Word will provide food for thought on future-planning your marketing operations.

Gavin's session will explore:

- Shifts in consumer behaviour

- Embracing change

- Tone of voice

- Utilising your brand

- Capitalising on trends

- Campaigns vs discounts

Please join Visualsoft on Friday 22nd May at 11am.


VS x NMPi | Navigating Shifts in Consumer Behaviours

Please join Visualsoft and NMPi to discuss "Navigating Shifts in Consumer Behaviours", presented by NMPi's Andrew Turner.

Over the last 10 years of his career, Andrew has operated in both a commercial & partnership function for NMPi, a performance media agency, and has led on successful pitch processes for some of the UK's largest retailers such as M&S, Superdrug and Harvey Nichols, which affords him a wealth of knowledge around how the market leaders are thinking about the opportunity of eCommerce in the longer term.

The Coronavirus represents the most significant health risk in over a century, with the enforced lockdown on a global scale having a monumental impact on the needs and subsequent buying behaviours of consumers.

In this webinar, Andrew will explore:

- Immediate AND longer-term shifts in consumer behaviours

- What opportunities retailers can expect once the pandemic has ended

- Potential threats to retailers that may arise post-Coronavirus and how to navigate them

Please join Visualsoft and NMPi on Tuesday 12th May at 11am.


VS x Klarna | Disrupting Customer Acquisition for 2020

Visualsoft and Klarna's Jack Spiers discuss Disrupting Customer Acquisition for 2020, covering:

- Acquisition

- Social endorsement, convenience vs. cost, checkout

- In-store experience is the new loyalty

- What makes consumers recommend a retailer

- A look forward to post-coronavirus trading and what may happen after lockdown