VS3 Data Integration API (Web Service)

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Transfer data to and from your store through a standard web service (SOAP).

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This feature enables data transfer to and from your store through a standard web service (SOAP) which your EPOS system or other integration software can connect to. Through the web service it's possible to:

\- Create and update products
\- Update product stock
\- Retrieve product information
\- Retrieve order information

We will provide an XML Schema Definition (XSD) and full documentation for each service to ensure a smooth integration with your system and reduce the possibility of data errors. If product image uploads are required, we will provide an FTP location to upload image files to. Image names for product data can either be located in this FTP location or from an Internet URL. For more information please go to: \[http://demo.visualsoft.co.uk/api\](http://demo.visualsoft.co.uk/api).

This feature is incompatible with the following feature(s):

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