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Pass data between your online store and your Styleman EPOS system.

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This feature is the integration of the Styleman EPOS System into a store, which enables product data added to the EPOS system to be sent to a store's admin system (pending approval). The data, if correctly formatted, can include:
\- Title
\- Description
\- Barcodes
\- Stock
\- Price
\- Stock and price updates
The integration also enables orders and returns data to be sent from the online store through to the EPOS system, and order status updates to be sent from Styleman to the store - if any additional functionality is required other than as described, please let us know prior to production as this may incur additional development costs.
Before we can integrate this functionality into a store, you will need a relevant account with Styleman, as well as its Web Integration Module, and are responsible for any associated costs.
This feature does not cover the extensive work and additional costs entailed with migrating from one EPOS system/feature to another, or adding an EPOS to a site which is already live - if you're looking to move systems, or add a new system to your live site please contact us to discuss a bespoke quotation.

This feature is incompatible with the following feature(s):

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