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Let customers combine specific products on your store to build a bundle item, such as a kit or hamper, in a step by step process.

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Enabling customers to create their own bundles of products can help to increase user engagement, improve your overall store experience, and increase your average order value by allowing shoppers to group together multiple items in one convenient purchase.

With our Stepped Bundle Builder, you can enable shoppers on your store to build bundle items, such as a kit or a hamper, in a step by step process. Via your store’s admin system you can configure bundle items, set how many steps are required to build the item (a maximum of six is recommended), name the steps, and select which products can be chosen at each step.

Once a bundle builder is live on your store, customers interacting with the feature are presented with a range of available products, relevant filters and sort options to choose from, and must select one product at each step. During the process, they’re shown running total for the items they select, and once all the steps have been completed the final bundle is added to the basket as one item.

When purchased, the selected products within a bundle are shown on separate rows within the order, and the stock on your store is reduced on an individual product basis.

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