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Retail management and back office suite for multi channel retailers.

Released: 11/05/2021

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This integration is provided by Sparkstone, via an API, and allows you to easily integrate Sparkstone with your Visualsoft Admin to action a number of tasks, such as EPOS and CRM management.

For a full description of what this feature offers and how it can benefit your business, please click here:

For this integration, we simply enable the API for you and supply you with the credentials that you will need to provide to the third party. Please be aware you will need to reach out to the respective parties to discuss how the integration between themselves and your VS Store will operate. Queries relating to the integration and set-up procedure should be channeled via Sparkstone, and they will be able to offer full support for the addition of this functionality.

As this is a third-party integration, you are responsible for all associated/ongoing fees.

Please note: You must have the VS3 Data Integration (Web Service) feature already installed for this feature to be compatible.

This feature requires the following feature(s):

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