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Synchronise data between your store and your warehouse management system.

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As part of this feature we will integrate your online store with the PeopleVox warehouse management system, which will enable specified data to be synchronised between the two (with your store being the primary source for product data). The integration enables:
• Products added/updated in your store's admin system to be automatically created/updated within your PeopleVox system
• New successful orders placed on your store to be sent to your PeopleVox System (as well as subsequent updates to orders)
• Stock levels, order status updates and tracking details set in PeopleVox to be automatically updated in your store's admin system (in near real time)
Please note Peoplevox requires that all products have a unique identifying field - this means that you must ensure that every child product on your site has a unique reference and barcode. If it is not possible to provide a unique reference, then you must provide a a unique EAN, MPN ISBN or UPC for each child product to use instead (in addition to the barcode).
You will require an active account with PeopleVox to enable functionality of this feature, and are responsible for associated third party costs.

This feature is incompatible with the following feature(s):

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