For the past couple of months our Platform team have been working hard behind the scenes to accelerate our platform development. We are really excited to be able to finally unveil the next stage in our platform evolution, Optimum. Optimum is the new name for our all inclusive eCommerce solution, previously known as Shared Success.  As an existing client on this solution, you’ll continue to benefit from all of the services that you currently receive, and in addition you’ll now have exclusive access to regular platform releases designed to improve your online store’s performance. 

Just in time for peak trading, we’re pleased to announce our first release which includes new features and enhancements, all available to you from Monday 2nd November, free of charge.

We have detailed below some of the features included in the release below:-

Swift Search- Shoppers who search on-site are much more likely to buy, making the search tool a crucial step in the customer journey. To deliver the best experience possible, we’ve rebuilt our search solution so it’s up to three times faster than before, returning quick and accurate results to your shoppers within milliseconds. We’ve also optimised category pages so product listings load up to 80% quicker, showing shoppers your latest and greatest ranges as quickly as possible. These search improvements are available on request, free of charge, exclusively to retailers on Visualsoft's Optimum solution (previously known as Shared Success). Please contact your eCommerce Strategist if you'd like the improvements to be added to your store.

Sector Insights- As part of our November release, we're adding a new benchmarking widget automatically to your store's admin dashboard to give you a handy indication of how it's performing. The widget shows your store's order volume compared to the average number for your sector, as well as the wider platform's average. Please note that the widget is only available on stores that have VS Analytics tracking enabled (for a minimum period of six months), and where your sector is populated by a sufficient number of stores to anonymise the data. It's also exclusive for stores on our Optimum solution (previously known as Shared Success).

API-Powered Admin Screens- As part of this release, we’re making a number of updated admin screens available for you to beta test, which offer a number of benefits including: -
- Design consistency across all functionality
- Faster processing time as the screens are entirely powered by a new API
- Scalability across different screens/resolutions
- Improved accessibility with increased type sizes and colour contrast, additional visual cues and keyboard shortcuts
- Side menu to accommodate increasing functionality/admin options and avoid menu wrapping issues

Optimum's November release also includes Image Search, SMS Integration Feature and Email Campaign Builder further details are below. Please note that some features are subject to a four week lead time.

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