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Ensure your customers come back for more by adding our Add to Wishlist feature that will enable users to add products to a virtual Wishlist to ensure they come back to your store.

Check out our Basket Recovery System to encourage more customers to complete their purchases on your store, by automatically sending them reminder emails if they leave without buying.

Check out our Basket Reference Code feature that generates a unique code when customers add items their basket, which they can use as a reference if they need assistance.

Check out Visualsoft’s ‘Birthday Discount’ feature where your store will automatically send birthday greetings to your customers on their special day.

Check out our Custom Gift Vouchers feature available at Visualsoft. Gift vouchers are a popular choice for gifts and a great way to attract new custom.

Add our Customer Survey via the checkout page to gain valuable feedback from your customers at the point of purchase.

Give customers the chance to introduce / refer a friend to your eCommerce store platform and they receive a discount code as an incentive.

Discover our PCA Predict Integration feature to be able to streamline your checkout process by suggesting and autocompleting customers' addresses.

Discover our ‘Loyalty Scheme’ feature to encourage customers to make repeat purchases by automatically rewarding registered customers with discounts against future products.

Mention Me
Mention Me

Released: 04/07/2019

Discover Visualsoft’s ‘Mention Me Integration’ will enable you to convert your customers into brand advocates and then reward those customers for successfully promoting your business.

Check out our ‘Newsletter Pop-Up Incentive’ to highlight any discount available to new subscribers via a pop-up message to shoppers as they land on your store.

Let customers round up the cost of their order to the nearest pound, and donate the difference to Pennies.

Enable your customers to collect points as they shop to unlock rewards and offers.

Enable your customers to collect points as they shop and redeem them against future purchases.

Is your eCommerce store looking to improve the conversion rate on your site? Our Salesfire Integration will present your site with overlays to your store's site triggered by the behaviour of visitors.

Check out our Save Basket Functionality feature that will allow visitors to add things to their basket, leave and return with their items ready to purchase.

Check out our ’Sticky Header’ feature which allows your eCommerce website to fix the Add to Bag Header so the user will always see it when scrolling down your page.

Accept recurring payments for repeat orders on your store if you offer subscription boxes and/or frequent-use products.

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