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Check out our Blog Feature to get your WordPress blog started within your online store to encourage return visits from existing customers and reach new site visitors.

With consumer research showing that shoppers are more likely to buy a product from a brand they recognise it’s important to highlight them on your product listings.

Check out how Visualsoft’s ‘Brand Scroller’ feature can help make a great impression to any new visitors , to make sure they stay on the website to make the most of your traffic!

Check out our Brand Specific Size Guides feature to add specific size guide information for the brands that they offer, which can be viewed by site users on each product page.

Check out Visualsoft’s ‘eKomi Product Reviews’ feature that aims to help many businesses increase their sales by showing feedback created by verified customers.

Strengthen your site’s credibility with Feefo Product Reviews from Visualsoft. Build trust and social proof with this with our Feefo Integration.

Show that your business is trusted with valuable Google Customer Reviews. Aggregate your Google reviews and display directly on your site.

Encourage your customers to shop with you over your competitors by adding our Price Match feature that will show customers you’re willing to lower prices of your products.

Build consumer confidence and boost conversions by asking customers who have purchased to leave their thoughts with our Advance Product Reviews feature.

Visualsoft Product Reviews feature allows your customers to leave their feedback on purchases directly on your site helping new shoppers make decisions.

Automatically send, collect and display customer feedback with Visualsoft’s eKomi Product Reviews feature.

Automatically send, collect and display customer feedback with Visualsoft’s Reviews.io Product Reviews feature.

Explore how Visualsoft can help you achieve almost instant credibility, many review solutions are able to provide dynamic widgets that show a snapshot of your average customer rating.

Check out Visualsoft’s ‘Testimonials Page’ feature to enable your current customers to persuade future ones to make a purchase is a powerful way to improve your store’s conversion rate.

Add Trusted Shop Store Reviews to your online store and build consumer confidence in your brand or products through our Trusted Shops Integration.

Check out our ‘Trustpilot Product Reviews’ feature available on Visualsoft. This feature will allow your loyal customers review your products and services.

Check out our latest feature ‘Trustpilot Footer Widget’ at Visualsoft to discover how Trustpilot can help your website increase sales based on feedback from its consumers.

Are you looking to drive traffic to your website through Trustpilot? Explore our Trustpilot Store Reviews feature to see how Visualsoft can display a Trustpilot widget onto your site.

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