B2B & Trade Functionality Pack

Enable your trade customers to download product images as part of their order.

Only display your product prices to customers once they've logged in to your store.

Ensure your customers login before they can view any products on your store.

Create and send quotes to customers directly via your store's admin system

Offer discounted price rates for items purchased in bulk (e.g. £10 for 1, £9 each for 10+, £8 each for 20+).

Enable customers to directly enter in the product codes of the items they wish to order on one page.

Allow your customers to add/remove products to a 'quote list' which they can submit online to request a cost.

Offer trade-specific prices and products directly to wholesale customers.

Let customers view products in a list format, and quickly add single/multiple quantities of each item to their basket.

Enable eligible customers to claim VAT relief on applicable products during the checkout process.

Let your store visitors choose to see product prices inclusive or exclusive of VAT.

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