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Allow your customers to find what they want on your website with a Visual (Image) Search. They upload an image and the AI finds similar products.

Released: 06/05/2020

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The human brain processes visual information much quicker than text, which is one of the reasons why strong imagery can be so effective in persuading customers to make a purchase. It’s also why it can be much easier to show an image of an item rather than describe it, making reverse image search functionality an incredibly powerful tool within the eCommerce sector.

With our Visual Search feature, shoppers can simply upload a photo to your store, and the technology behind the functionality will quickly search for and list products on your store that are visually similar. Built using the Google Cloud Vision API, the integration process involves training an AI Computer Vision model to recognise unique features of each of your products - this process is more accurate where several images of a product from numerous angles are available, and the majority of images are on a clean white background. Once the training is complete, shoppers can use the feature via an image search button that we’ll place within the search bar of your store.

The feature currently supports images of homeware including furniture, appliances and furnishings, as well as fashion items including clothing, shoes and accessories - if you stock alternative products but would still like to explore the compatibility of this functionality on your store, please do get in touch and we can carry out a quick analysis for you based on your existing product images.

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