Our extensive 'back office' functionality means you can easily and efficiently run your business online - list products, process orders, publish pages and much, much more.

Check out our Admin Controls feature that will allow you to clear the server-side cache of your store/admin system, view log files, and re-index website data

Do you have multiple Visualsoft-built stores? Add our Admin Switcher feature which will enable you to log into the admin system of one store then you can switch to another store.

Add our Bulk Product Management to quickly update information for multiple products via a single screen within your admin system.

Check out Visualsoft’s Custom Stock Messages feature to allow specific stock messages to be created on the store’s system to show relevant product pages.

Take control of your customer accounts by adding our Customer Management feature to update your customer account records, cancel accounts and to reset customer passwords.

Filter your store's customers based on their order history and status.

Add and edit your store's departments and brand pages.

Check our our Discount Code Import feature to upload CSV spreadsheets of discount codes provided by Groupon or Wowcher to your store's admin system.

Looking to reward your customers with extra discount codes per order. Add our Discount Interactions feature to enable your store to offer discounts that can be used together.

Dropbox Integration (Via Zynk API)
Dropbox Integration (Via Zynk API)

Released: 06/11/2019

Link Dropbox up to your Visualsoft Admin.

Create custom integrations and automate your KashFlow System.

Are you looking to manage multiple online stores on one eCommerce platform? Add our Multi-Site Admin feature to manage your online store, plus additional Visualsoft-built stores.

Add our Order Management feature to enable customer orders to be managed easily and efficiently. This feature will allow your store to mark orders as payment received, order dispatched etc.

View our feature 'Order Tagging' to be able to create and apply tags to your orders, so you can easily filter by fields specific to your business.

Securely export order details from your store directly to the Xero web service.

Discover our Product Duplication feature that enables merchants to easily duplicate a product and all of its data via the store’s admin system.

Manage the products on your site through our Product Management tool to add titles, product descriptions, images, stock levels etc.

Product Restrictions
Product Restrictions

Released: 02/06/2020

Check out our Product Restrictions feature if you’re looking to place further limitations against some or all of your products.

Add our ‘Product Types & Options’ feature to create groups of products options such as size, colour, etc to display as selectable options on relevant product pages on their store.

Add our Promo Unit Display Options which will allow your store to display options for promo units, which means they’ll be shown on certain days, times and specific products.

Check out our Promotion Timers feature to offer time sensitive promotions so that selected promo units/products can be instructed to only show on store during specific time frames.

Display countdown timers on selected promo images to highlight upcoming launches, events, sales, etc.

QuickBooks Online (Via Zynk API)
QuickBooks Online (Via Zynk API)

Released: 06/11/2019

Integrate and automate a number of tasks with QuickBooks Online.

Import, export and update information from your Salesforce system.

Manage your stock suppliers in one central system.

Discover our Top Selling Widgets feature that displays your store’s top selling products, brands and departments based on units sold or value of sales.

Xero Integration (Via Zynk API)
Xero Integration (Via Zynk API)

Released: 06/11/2019

Connect your Visualsoft Admin to your Xero accounting system.

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