Do you want to find out where your customers are coming from? Check out our Customer Referral Report feature which allows customers to confirm how they heard about your store.

Discover our Discount Usage Report feature that monitors the discounts offered to a store’s online customers, making it easy to assess performance.

Visualsoft provide eCommerce hosting services for all of the sites that we build. Our Hosting Bandwidth Report feature enables retailers to keep track of their store’s bandwidth figures.

Check out our Order Breakdown Report feature to view a breakdown of your store’s orders making this a powerful tool to assess sales performance and monitor trends.

Generate reports to see which products, brands or departments are best/low sellers.

See an overview of your products and associated data such as price, weight, URL and much more.

Check out our Product Stock Level Reporting feature to have an overview of a store’s product stock levels, including filter options so the levels of products can be viewed as required.

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