Enabling customers to quickly and easily find relevant products on your store is a crucial part of the customer journey; here you'll find a range of features focused on improving that experience, including search, navigation and up-selling functionality.

Enable visitors to scroll through an alphabetical list of all of the brands you stock.

Ensure better user navigation on your website by replacing your store's catalogue navigation with filters, facets and product listings provided by Attraqt.

Discover how our Breadcrumb Navigation feature can help improve your website’s navigation by using single line of text to underline how the user should navigate through the site.

Check out our Colour Splitting feature that will allow each colour option of a product to be displayed in product result pages.

List products that are available in a variety of colours as a single product on your store's department pages.

Discover our Cross-Selling Product Display feature to give your e-commerce site to cross sell products to customers based on the items they view on a store.

Check out our Dropdown Navigation Menu feature to allow site users to quickly navigate to a specific department or brand within a store and offer simplified navigation.

Help customers find what they're looking for much quicker than via standard navigation.

Discover our Featured Categories feature that enables your site to have a selection category of promo images to be displayed on a store’s homepage.

Highlight your key products for your eCommerce site by adding our Featured Products feature to your website.

Check out our Featured Tag Groups which allows your store to highlight a selection of products within tagged groups to feature on your store’s homepage.

Check out our Filter Combos feature which will enable your store to select which product filters are displayed on their store for specific brands department.

Highlight your store's latest products via a New Arrivals page.

Show customers relevant product recommendations on your product, category and basket pages through our Nosto Integration.

Check out our Product Archive feature that retains all of the products data that has been removed from a store so they can be easily reactivated when needed.

Allows clients to setup fully customisable Product Finders to narrow down a product catalogue to specific requirements using filters for category groups, price bands etc.

Add our Product Listing feature to set your online business up and to start listing products with the inclusion of products title, description, price and images when required.

Improve the user experience by adding our Product Search feature that will ensure your visitors can easily find specific products on your store.

Add our Product Tagging feature to make it possible to add additional filtering criteria too products with the aim of helping shoppers to shop more effectively.

Let customers see available sizes by simply hovering over a product without the need to click through onto relevant product pages.

Check out our Recently Viewed Products feature that shows site users clickable thumbnails of products they’ve ‘Recently Viewed’ on store to build on initial interest.

Add our Refine by Price Slider to enable your customers to use a sliding filter option to easily select the minimum and/or maximum price of the products in the search results.

Let shoppers filters and view products on your store via brand.

Add our Site Search Report feature which shows the terms visitors are searching for on your site to improve the user experience.

Guide your visitors through your website with ease by adding our Sub-Brands feature that will make it possible for sub brands to added under your main brand.

Check out our Up-Selling feature that will promote items linked to what the customer is currently viewing to encourage customers to purchase items alongside the main item.

Check out our Upselling Recommendations feature to encourage shoppers to buy co-ordinating items/accessories in addition to products they’re purchasing from your store.

View and add our Visual Merchandising feature to adjust the display order of products on your store’s department, brand and sales pages.

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