Enabling customers to quickly and easily find relevant products on your store is a crucial part of the customer journey; here you'll find a range of features focused on improving that experience, including search, navigation and up-selling functionality.

Enable visitors to scroll through an alphabetical list of all of the brands you stock.

Replace your store's catalogue navigation with filters, facets and product listings provided by Attraqt.

Enable shoppers to easily navigate back to previous pages/categories via breadcrumb links.

Display all colour variants of your listed products on your store's category pages.

List products that are available in a variety of colours as a single product on your store's department pages.

Display a selection of alternative products on every product page on your store.

Allow site users to quickly navigate to a specific department or brand within a store and offer simplified navigation.

Help customers find what they're looking for much quicker than via standard navigation.

Highlight a selection of your categories on your store's homepage.

Highlight a limited selection of products by displaying them on your store's homepage.

Highlight four product groups - e.g. clearance, new in, etc - on your store's homepage.

Choose and specify the order of product filters for specific brand/tag/department combinations.

Highlight your store's latest products via a New Arrivals page.

Show customers relevant product recommendations on your product, category and basket pages.

Retain the data of all your removed products so they can be easily reactivated if required.

Product Finder

Released: 04/01/2019

Allows clients to setup fully customisable Product Finders to narrow down a product catalogue to specific requirements using filters for category groups, tag groups, price brands, brands and stock availability

List products on your store and easily add product titles, descriptions, details, prices and images.

Ensure your visitors can easily find specific products on your store.

Add additional filtering criteria to products on your store (e.g. style, finish, application or occasion).

Let customers see available sizes by simply hovering over a product on department pages.

Remind customers which products they've looked at recently via thumbnail images that link through to products.

Give customers a sliding filter option to choose the min/max product prices they'd like to view.

Let shoppers filters and view products on your store via brand.

See which terms visitors search for on your site, and reword/redirect common misspellings.

Offer a shoppable magazine experience to your customers.

Add sub-brands under your main brands within your store's navigation.

Show customers other items they may also be interested in when they're viewing product pages.

Encourage shoppers to buy co-ordinating items/accessories in addition to products they're purchasing from your store.

Conveniently adjust the display order of products on your store's department, brand and sale pages.

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