Our platform is integrated with the world's leading payment providers to enable your customers to checkout quickly and securely.

Amazon Pay v2
Amazon Pay v2

Released: 30/06/2021

Take advantage of Amazon’s popularity by enabling website visitors the ability to login and pay with their existing Amazon account information.

Add extra ease to your store’s online checkout by adding our Apple Pay feature which enables customers to pay for orders via Apple Pay.

Add our Barclaycard ePDQ Integration feature to allow your your customers to purchase from you with ease and benefit from industry-leading platform reliability.

Securely process payments via this primary payment gateway

Add our Deko Finance Integration to your eCommerce website to enable customers to apply for items in instalments through Deko Finance.

Enable customers to pay for items in instalments via Divido Retail Finance's consumer credit options.

Increase conversion for international customers with welcome messages and currency tailored to the customer's country, using an ip check to determine their location.

Add our Hitachi Finance Integration feature to enable customers to pay for items in instalments via Hitachi's consumer credit options.

Process your customers' payments quickly and securely with Ingenico.

Add our Klarna Checkout Integration feature to your store. Klarna Checkout is one of the simplest and fastest ways for customers to buy online to help boost conversion of all platforms.

Add our Klarna One Page Checkout to identifying returning users and have their details pre-populated making it possible to checkout with one click.

Check out our Opayo Checkout Integration to securely process payments via Europe's leading independent payment service provider.

Customers want to pay for their products/services in many options so enable them to order your items and to have the option to pay by either Cheque/BACS feature.

Add our Pay360 feature to securely process payments via this primary payment gateway ensuring safe transactions on your eCommerce website.

Payfort is a secure Online Payment solution available for merchants in United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon and Qatar.

PayPal Checkout
PayPal Checkout

Released: 23/09/2020

Drive sales and growth to your store by adding more payment methods than ever, including credit and debit cards by adding our PayPal Checkout.

Let customers round up the cost of their order to the nearest pound, and donate the difference to Pennies.

Accept recurring payments for repeat orders on your store if you offer subscription boxes and/or frequent-use products.

Check out our Trust Payments feature which provides an all in one solution for accepting payments quickly, easily, and securely!

Check out our V12 Retail Finance Integration that will enable customers to pay for items in instalments via V12 Retail Finance's consumer credit options.

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