Streamline fulfilment with our order processing and delivery features. Our platform is integrated with major couriers and click and collect solutions so you can offer customers both great choice and service.

Discover our Barcode Scan Despatch feature the makes it possible to select single or multiple orders with your store’s system to fulfil selected orders.

Add our Barcode Scanning feature to conveniently update an online store’s stock levels by scanning the barcodes of products into your stores admin system.

This feature allows you to manually add a parcel tracking number against orders that's included customer dispatch emails.

Add our Bulk Delivery Labels which enables your store to select multiple undispatched orders then export the customers addresses to be printed onto delivery labels.

Add our Collect In Store feature as a delivery option to your site, and allows your customers to choose one of your branches as a pickup point for their order.

Commercial Invoice
Commercial Invoice

Released: 28/01/2021

An additional invoice for customs information

With DPD being one of the UK’s leading time-critical services carriers it’s important your store has access these services when delivery services are needed.

Discover our FedEx Courier feature. With this integration you can indicate when you'd like an order to be shipped to customers in the UK by FedEx.

Add our Metapack Courier Export feature that can generate Metapack delivery consignments within a customer order where required.

Check out our Hermes Courier which allows you to export order details as a CSV which you can send to MyHermes for processing/delivery.

Export delivery data for UPS so the courier can ship your orders to your customers efficiently through our UPS Worldship Courier Export Integration.

Check out our FedEx Courier feature. With this integration you can indicate when you'd like an order to be shipped to an international customer by FedEx

Add our APC Overnight Courier Integration feature to deliver timed and trackable next day delivery with delivery covering more than 112 locations.

Add our Collect+ Courier Integration feature to your website to click offer your customers a click and collect delivery option.

Offer Collect+ as a courier option to your customers and use Metapack to generate Collect+ delivery consignments.

Send shipment requests to DHL via your store's admin system to input the weight and content of a required shipment, select a shipment date to ensure your products are shipped correctly.

Send delivery details to Parcelforce so the courier can ship your orders, and print labels from within your admin system through our Courier Integration.

Export and digitally send delivery details to Royal Mail to enable them to process consignments.

Offer your customers a click and collect delivery option.

Ensure your customer receives their order in time by adding our Delivery Cut-Off Countdown to let them know how long they have to qualify for same day or next day delivery.

Are you shipping parcels with extra expenses involved? Add our Delivery Surcharges feature to create delivery rates which are applied as a surcharge to specific products.

Despatch Cloud (via API)
Despatch Cloud (via API)

Released: 11/05/2021

Streamline and automate your order processing.

Add our Export Weight Shipping feature to determine how each courier can be set to use the standard weight or export weight resulting in more flexibility in defining shipping costs.

Are you looking for a carrier service to help scale your business? Offer a comprehensive range of delivery options to your customers via GFS.

GFS - Shipping Solution
GFS - Shipping Solution

Released: 18/10/2019

Passionate about delivery. Check out our GFS Shipping Solution to produce labels and track parcels for multiple carriers via the GFS Integration.

Show delivery rates and timescales for different areas on a worldwide map with our Interactive Worldwide Delivery Map feature.

Integrate your order data with your carrier to generate consignment information.

Check out our Part Shipping/Split Order feature to allow customers to split their basket into multiple orders if items need to be processed separately e.g some items out of stock.

Check out our PDF Packing Note that enables retailers to print a packing sheet per order, which can be dispatched to the customer with the items.

Check out our PeopleVox Integration feature which will synchronise data between your store and your warehouse management system.

Check out our Printable Picking List feature which will allow your store to select single or multiple orders on your admin system to generate printable PDF listings.

ProSKU Integration (Via Zynk API)
ProSKU Integration (Via Zynk API)

Released: 06/11/2019

Automate your order processing by integrating with ProSKU.

Improve the user experience on your site by adding our Shipping Blacklist feature to instruct your admin system to which products cannot be delivered by certain courier/shipping options.

Offer a variety of shipping options on your store with flat, order value, or order weight delivery rates.

Discover our Shipping Whitelist feature to stipulate which products can be delivered by each of the courier services offered to create a sales incentive for customers benefiting from delivery costs.

ShipStation (Via API)
ShipStation (Via API)

Released: 06/02/2020

Track inventory and manage orders all in one place with ShipStation.

Shiptheory (via API)
Shiptheory (via API)

Released: 18/05/2021

Shiptheory takes the hassle out of shipping so you can focus more on developing your business and less on fulfilment.

Speed up your dispatch process by noting the physical location against each of your products with our Warehouse Locations Field feature.

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