Increase conversions and customer loyalty with a range of offers and incentives on your store, designed to attract shoppers, prompt purchases, and encourage repeat visits/orders.

Automatically send your retail customers a birthday email discount voucher to celebrate on their special day.

Buy List

Released: 07/08/2018

Enable Buy List (Customer-to-Business) selling on your site with a Buy List feature. Allow customers to sell products directly to your business with our easy to use feature.

Create and run Deal of the day limited-time offers on your store that automatically expire at your specified time.

Attract new customers to your ecommerce site with Google Shopping Feed by highlighting sales and discounts.

Create hidden products or departments from visitors, and ensure that they can only be viewed by selected customers.

Give customers the chance to introduce / refer a friend to your eCommerce store platform and they receive a discount code as an incentive.

Reward your best customers by adding a Loyalty Scheme Programme to your ecommerce site. Build trust and encourage repeat purchasing with this feature

Gamify shopping with your business and reward your customers using Luckycycle Integration. Increase conversions with this Visualsoft feature.

Mention Me

Released: 04/07/2019

Add popular feature Mention Me Integration to your ecommerce site. Build your own customer referral tool in a few clicks.

Prompt your customers to stay in touch and sign up to your newsletter with an Email Pop-up feature on your site.

Help customers to make sure you are offering the best deal with a Price Match Feature on your eCommerce store.

Automatically request a product review from your customers following a successful shopping experience (and possibly by using an incentive).. Add to your online eCommerce store now.

Add a Sales and Offers Discount Section to your online eCommerce store to highlight key products to customers while they shop.

Make applying discounts to items across your online store easier with our Sales and Discounts System Manager.

Share important information with your customers while they shop with an (Silver) Announcement Banner on your site. Draw attention without intruding.

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