Increase conversions and customer loyalty with a range of offers and incentives on your store, designed to attract shoppers, prompt purchases, and encourage repeat visits/orders.

Check out Visualsoft’s ‘Birthday Discount’ feature where your store will automatically send birthday greetings to your customers on their special day.

Discover our ‘Buy List’ feature that facilitates customer-to-store transactions by enabling you to create listings on your store for items that you’d like to purchase.

Check out our Deal of the Day feature to create and run Deal of the day limited-time offers on your store that automatically expire at your specified time.

Google Shopping Promotions Feed
Google Shopping Promotions Feed

Released: 15/08/2019

Discover how the Google Shopping Promotions Feed feature will drive traffic to your store, present your products to a vast number of ready-to-buy shoppers.

With our Hidden Departments feature you can choose which categories should be concealed throughout your site’s navigation and only viewable to selected customers.

Give customers the chance to introduce / refer a friend to your eCommerce store platform and they receive a discount code as an incentive.

Discover our ‘Loyalty Scheme’ feature to encourage customers to make repeat purchases by automatically rewarding registered customers with discounts against future products.

Mention Me
Mention Me

Released: 04/07/2019

Discover Visualsoft’s ‘Mention Me Integration’ will enable you to convert your customers into brand advocates and then reward those customers for successfully promoting your business.

Check out our ‘Newsletter Pop-Up Incentive’ to highlight any discount available to new subscribers via a pop-up message to shoppers as they land on your store.

Encourage your customers to shop with you over your competitors by adding our Price Match feature that will show customers you’re willing to lower prices of your products.

Discover our Review Incentive feature which will automatically email requests to create reviews following a successful order in exchange for discounts.

Improve the user experience to your website by adding our Sale & Offers Section to your store to ensure that your reduced items are easily accessible for shoppers.

With our Sales & Discounts System, you can create multiple types of promotions to suit the varying needs and convert more customers by rewarding shoppers with cost savings.

Check out our ’Silver Banners’ feature at Visualsoft to highlight three key messages you’d like to convey to your site visitors to direct shoppers to specific pages.

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