Increase sales from international customers by enabling shoppers across the globe to browse and buy in their own language, and checkout using their chosen currency.

Add our Auto Currency Selection feature that automatically detects the location of individual site users, based on their IP address, and converts prices to the relevant currency.

Add our Geolocation Domain Forwarding feature to detect the location of where your visitors are coming from to gain more information on your target audience.

Discover our International Tax Rates feature that allows you to configure tax rates on a per country basis through Visualsoft’s platform.

Add our Multi-Currency Converter feature to enable international visitors to view product prices in their relevant currency on your product/department pages.

Improve the user experience for International visitors by enabling international visitors to read text in their own language through our Multi-Language Integration feature.

Check out our Translation Tool which will generate translations for their product data, which can then be used on either Amazon or eBay listings.

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