Offer the best user experience and streamline the shopping journey to turn visitors into customers. Features range from filters and traffic control systems to colour swatches and 360 degree images.

Check out Visualsoft’s ‘EME Digital 360º product Images’ feature. This feature is an innovative way for online retailers to emulate the experience of in-person shopping.

Do you want to replicate the shopping experience of a bricks and mortar store online? Check out our Magic360 Product images feature on how Visualsoft can bring this experience to life.

Discover how YoFla360º Product Images can improve the quality of online shopping for the user. It’s important to see your products in high quality taken from every angle.

Ensure your customers come back for more by adding our Add to Wishlist feature that will enable users to add products to a virtual Wishlist to ensure they come back to your store.

With our Advanced Brand Page, you can present all of your store’s available brands within an easy to use index page, enabling shoppers to see at a glance which prestigious names you carry.

Check out how our ‘Alternative Image Preview’ can help increase your conversion rate by allowing your visitors to view an alternative image by hovering over the image.

Check out how our ‘Autocomplete Search’ can help convert shoppers that show intent when arriving on your site to use the search tool to find their items.

Your business may only have certain products available for In-store only. Make these listings clear with this Visualsoft feature.

With consumer research showing that shoppers are more likely to buy a product from a brand they recognise it’s important to highlight them on your product listings.

Check out how Visualsoft’s ‘Brand Scroller’ feature can help make a great impression to any new visitors , to make sure they stay on the website to make the most of your traffic!

Embrace the power of celebrity and influencer culture and allow your customers to shop by collections. Add this feature to your online store.

Discover how our CMS Page Builder will help your eCommerce website flourish by providing your customers with a wealth of information regarding your products & services.

With our Product Page Colour Swatches feature, you can create specific swatches for the relevant products so customers can hover over images which will display further information.

Our Product Compare feature helps your customers do their research and ensure they are happy that they have chosen the best product for them.

Discover our ControQ Traffic Control tool that will allow your store to cope with the peak shopping periods meaning you won’t lose out on potential sales!

Add our ‘Customer Files Area’ to make it easier for shoppers to buy from your store which will also encourage shoppers to return and make repeat purchases.

Add a Sticky (Floating) Footer to the bottom of your site, allowing customers to see important information as they browse your online shop.

Improve the user experience to your site by adding a floating bar to your store that will appear on every page to help with the store’s main navigation.

Check out how our Image Mapping feature can help improve your user experience by directing customers to the desired areas of your store to increase sales of specific ranges.

Image Search
Image Search

Released: 06/05/2020

Allow your customers to find what they want on your website with a Visual (Image) Search. They upload an image and the AI finds similar products.

Infinite Scroll replaces the pagination process making browsing products even easier for your customers.

With online shoppers demanding faster loading websites it’s important to implement this to your website to ensure you are not losing customers due to slow loading pages.

Mark Order As Gift
Mark Order As Gift

Released: 04/09/2019

Check out Visualsoft’s ‘Mark Order as Gift’ feature that will allow your customers to indicate if an order they’re placing with your store is a gift for someone else.

Newsletter Welcome Email
Newsletter Welcome Email

Released: 28/05/2019

Discover our Newsletter Welcome Email feature that will have your store sending an automated email being sent out instantly when someone signs up for your newsletter.

Discover our Pre-Order & Deposit feature so you can list your products on your store that are not yet available to be delivered and mark them as pre-order items to build interest.

Create a buzz with your products by enabling online shoppers to pre-order products in advance of their release date to develop a positive buzz from the customer.

Price Your Room Calculator
Price Your Room Calculator

Released: 18/10/2019

Allow shoppers to change prices across the whole website based on their wall or floor dimensions.

Enable customers to 'build' products on your store to their preferred configuration.

Discover our Product Cards’ feature that aims to improve user experience by allowing shoppers to print product pages to present the page in a neat and legible format.

Check out our feature ‘Single Page Product Customisation’ which allows you to customise specific products on your online store to enhance your brands image.

By adding our ‘Single Template Product Customisation’ your store will be able to add up to five customisation options which you can apply to products on your store.

With our ’Staged Product Customisation feature’ you can create a number of customisable options for shoppers looking for unique items and link them to your relevant products.

With customers taking to online reviews before deciding to proceed further it’s important to have a FAQ page on your site to answer any potential questions shoppers have.

Discover how Visualsoft’s ‘Product Info PDFs’ feature can provide such information to applicable products enabling customers to view more information before committing to a purchase.

With our Product Packs feature, you can manually create different pack size options via your store’s admin system, and display the options on relevant product pages.

Offer discounted price rates for items purchased in bulk (e.g. £10 for 1, £9 each for 10+, £8 each for 20+).

Check out our ‘Product Specific Size Guides’ feature which will enable your online store to add a specific size guide for brands and products to ensure customers select the right fit!

Are you wanting to improve the user experience on your site? Add our product zoom feature to allow visitors to view product images in much greater detail.

Check out our ‘Automated Promotion Sashes’ which can be neatly overlaid onto primary image products to communicate a key piece of information to catch the shoppers eye.

Are you trying to attract your customers to specific products? Check out our Promotion Sashes feature to display the best sellers on your online store to catch your shoppers eye.

Discover how you can deliver the best user experience to shoppers. Our feature ‘Advanced Quick Buy’ will reduce the unnecessary steps in the purchasing.

Check out our ‘Quick Buy’ feature to help your online store to deliver an enhanced shopper experience by enabling your customers to add items to their basket from category pages.

Discover Visualsoft’s range of features designed to enable customers to directly enter the product codes of the items they wish to order so customers can browse through your store easier.

Ensure your customers have easy access to their favourite items by adding our Re-Order Previous Order feature which will let the customer select a previous successful order.

Responsive Automated Emails
Responsive Automated Emails

Released: 15/08/2019

Improve the interactions with your website by adding our ‘Responsive Automated Email’ feature which can be a powerful customer engagement tool to market your products and services.

Discover how Visualsoft’s ’Snowfall Animation’ feature can allow you to activate an animated snow effect across your store’s pages to create a festive feeling for online shoppers.

With online shoppers using their social media accounts to login while checking out it’s important to have a social login feature to ensure your shoppers can check out at ease.

Split Baskets - Pre-Orders
Split Baskets - Pre-Orders

Released: 14/02/2020

Improve the checkout experience by allowing your shoppers to dispatch items with different release dates.

Split Baskets - Stock Locations
Split Baskets - Stock Locations

Released: 14/02/2020

Discover our ‘Split Stock’ feature. This feature recognises when an order has been placed for items which enable you to assign different statuses to let customers know when they’ll receive items.

Check out our ‘Square Metre Calculator’ feature which will allow your customers to easily calculate how many units of products they’d need to buy.

Let customers combine specific products on your store to build a bundle item, such as a kit or hamper, in a step by step process.

Check out our ’Sticky Header’ feature which allows your eCommerce website to fix the Add to Bag Header so the user will always see it when scrolling down your page.

With our ‘Switchable Category View’ feature shoppers on your site can choose how to view products on your brand and category pages depending on which layout they prefer.

Add our ‘Technical Specifications’ feature to display key information on product pages within an easy-to-read table format. This feature helps shoppers to be able to compare similar items.

Check out our ‘Static Bundles’ feature where you can combine any of your stores individual products together to create package deals such as starter kits, multi-packs and more.

Voice Search
Voice Search

Released: 29/05/2019

With virtual assistants such as Alexa becoming widely used it’s important to add ‘Voice Search’ so you can offer shoppers an innovative way to search your products.

With videos becoming one of the leading channels for marketing products on your site it’s important to add our ‘Product Videos’ feature to embed video clips to your site.

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