Customer Acquisition & Retention

Drive traffic and attract new customers to your online store via affiliate network integrations, competitions, email marketing, dynamic remarketing and customer referral features.

Retarget your visitors with ads across the Web after they've visited your store.

Ensure your store's compatible with the VS Affiliate Network.

Send product info to Webgains for inclusion in your affiliate program.

Send product info to Affiliate Window for inclusion in your affiliate program.

Feature your WordPress blog within your online store.

Canonical URL Management
Canonical URL Management

Released: 15/11/2019

Manage your URLs to drive website traffic to the correct location and avoid duplicate page content.

Run online competitions to attract new customers, build customer loyalty, and promote specific brands or ranges.

Allow Criteo to track your visitors and serve them ads of your products when they're on other sites.

Offer digital gift vouchers on your store, which customers can buy and send to others.

Enable your store to utilise Google's Dynamic Display Ad service.

Enable site users to conveniently email product page links to their friends/contacts, by simply clicking on an 'Email A Friend' button.

Email Campaign Builder
Email Campaign Builder

Released: 02/11/2020

Send the right messages at the right time with automated email workflows.

Facebook Pixel Tracking
Facebook Pixel Tracking

Released: 09/04/2019

Allow customers to easily share news of their purchases via their own Facebook wall or Twitter feed.

Highlight new ranges, top sellers, special offers, etc via promotional images on your store.

Benefit from deeper eCommerce reporting within Google Analytics.

Learn how people find your store, how they explore it, and track performance of your marketing campaigns.

Help Google to easily crawl and categorise your online store and its pages.

Directly add, edit or remove marketing and measurement tags to your store.

Overlay text on top of promo unit graphics via your store's admin system.

Automatically display images from your Instagram account on your store's homepage.

Automatically remove defunct email addresses from your marketing subscription lists.

Encourage visitors to sign up to receive your marketing emails.

Create and send newsletters that feature dynamic product details and promo banners.

Create and send newsletters to customers and subscribers directly from your store's admin system.

Give visitor the option to subscribe to RSS feeds of product ranges from your store.

Track and send customer activity data to Redeye for your marketing purposes.

Enable your customers to collect points as they shop to unlock rewards and offers.

Enable your customers to collect points as they shop and redeem them against future purchases.

Offer purchase incentives to your store's visitors at key moments of the customer journey.

Add unique SEO descriptions to your store for combinations of departments and tags or departments and brands.

Add meta data to your products, brands and departments.

Provide helpful info to customers via a glossary of terms and their definitions on your store.

SMS/Text Messaging
SMS/Text Messaging

Released: 30/04/2020

Send SMS or MMS messages to your subscribers directly through your admin.

Encourage customers to upload images of themselves - wearing or using your products - onto a social gallery on your store.

Give visitors the option to quickly and easily share product info via their social network accounts.

Automatically add your newsletter subscribers' email addresses to your Pure 360 database.

Export newsletter subscriber data from your store to Bronto for email marketing.

Export newsletter subscriber data from your store to Cheetahmail for email marketing.

Export newsletter subscriber data from your store to Mailchimp for email marketing.

Send product info to Trade Doubler for inclusion in your affiliate program.

Send required data directly from your store to TradeTracker.

URL Shortener
URL Shortener

Released: 30/04/2020

Minify internal or external URLs to turn them into a much smaller link.

Display videos within your store's homepage promo units.

Show snippets of your blog on your store's homepage.

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