We offer a wide range of checkout functionality designed to streamline the final step of the customer journey on your store.

Enhance the user experience by enabling customers to hover over the shopping basket while on any store pages to be presented with a drop down summary of its contents.

Check out our Basket Recovery System to encourage more customers to complete their purchases on your store, by automatically sending them reminder emails if they leave without buying.

Check out our Basket Reference Code feature that generates a unique code when customers add items their basket, which they can use as a reference if they need assistance.

Add our Customer Survey via the checkout page to gain valuable feedback from your customers at the point of purchase.

Achieve a higher conversion rate by adding our Enterprise Checkout feature to give customers a secure, streamlined checkout process that's optimised for desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Discover our PCA Predict Integration feature to be able to streamline your checkout process by suggesting and autocompleting customers' addresses.

Maximum Order Quantity
Maximum Order Quantity

Released: 05/02/2020

Add our Maximum Order Quantity feature to specify a maximum order quantity for certain products, which restricts customers from purchasing more than the specified amount.

Discover our Minimum Order Quantity feature to enable your eCommerce store to specify the minimum order quantity for selected products on your online store.

Restrict customers from placing orders that fall below a specified minimum value to get the most of your costs with our Minimum Spend Amount feature.

Add more flexible options for your customers when checking out by adding our Multi-Currency Checkout feature through Visualsoft.

Check out our Offline Order Screen feature to easily take customer orders placed by telephone or in store, via your online store's admin system.

Add our PayPal Pay in 3 feature to allow customers browsing your website to see that you offer a split payment solution via PayPal

Check out our Pre-Payment Authentication feature to process card payments up to 30 days after an order has been placed.

Check out our Save Basket Functionality feature that will allow visitors to add things to their basket, leave and return with their items ready to purchase.

Add our ’Shopping Basket’ feature to display a visible shopping basket on your online store, which stores details of products customers have added to basket with the intent to buy.


Released: 28/10/2021

Grow your international sales by connecting your existing Google Shopping product feeds with buyers worldwide

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