Designed for online retailers that largely sell to other businesses, our B2B & Trade functionality covers everything from landing log-in screens to trade-specific pricing.

Check out our Downloadable Product Images at Visualsoft. Allow your B2B customers to download product images from your eCommerce site when they purchase from you!

Set up Hidden Prices on your eCommerce website to allow you to provide your valued customers with discounts to help increase loyalty to your business.

Check out our Landing Login Screen feature at Visualsoft. An attractive login page is sure to help reduce cart abandonment resulting in more transactions.

Discover our Offline Quote Builder which enables your customers to add items to their basket and request a quote rather than complete the checkout process.

Make it easier for your B2B customers to save their favourite products with the B2B Wishlist for your eCommerce site.

Make managing your customers easier with our Customer Groups feature as you will be able to create groups, add customers to them and apply a wide range of filters.

Are you trying to create an enjoyable, engaging experience that can entice shoppers to your website? Check out Visualsoft’s feature ’Trade View’ to explore further.

Does your eCommerce website sell the applicable items that qualify as VAT Exempt? Discover our VAT Exemption to find out how your store can help enable your customers.

Does your store sell to those consumers obliged pay VAT? With our VAT Toggle feature at Visualsoft the customer can see how much tax they need to pay.

Automatically check VAT numbers as part of the EU customer registration process.

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