Bulk CSV Product Importer


Conveniently import bulk product information - such as titles, stock levels and prices - to your store via CSV spreadsheets.

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This feature enables etailers to conveniently import bulk product information - including titles, references, descriptions, stock levels, prices, and images - to their online store via CSV spreadsheets. It can be an extremely time-effective option to update/add product data en masse, or import product data directly from CSV spreadsheets provided by suppliers (all spreadsheets imported need to be tailored to match the values that will be set within the store's admin system). As well as the ability to upload CSV spreadsheets, the feature also makes it possible to easily download spreadsheets featuring selected data of products already on store, which can then be modified and uploaded if required. Please note that this feature isn't intended to replace the main product-adding functionality of a store's admin system - it is an enhanced feature designed for bulk-level product modifications and imports.

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