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Help customers see what your products look like in their home with our Augmented Reality (AR) Product Viewer for eCommerce sites.

Released: 16/10/2019

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Augmented Reality (AR) is one of the most innovative technologies to be adopted by eCommerce, and is quickly becoming an expected feature for online stores - a recent survey carried out by Foresight Factory found that over half of UK consumers who’ve already used AR said it encouraged them to make a purchase. The resulting report from the survey also predicts that the number of Gen Z shoppers who use AR before purchasing a product will increase by 80% over the next five years.

With our AR Product Viewer, you can give your customers an incredible augmented reality experience via Apple’s ARKit, allowing customers using iPhones to virtually ‘try before they buy’ items by placing a digital 3D version of your products in their living settings.

Using the feature, you can upload 3D models of your products (.usdz format only) to your store's admin system and once published, customers browsing your store via iOS 12+ devices can simply touch an AR icon on relevant product pages and view the 3D versions of your products in their own environment. Shoppers can also rotate and zoom the image to get a 360° view of products.

As the Augmented Reality experience currently needs to locate a flat surface to function, this feature works best for products that can be viewed on countertops, desks and floors, and is a great addition if you’re looking to reduce returns and exchanges, build consumer confidence and improve the product viewing experience for hundreds of millions of iOS users.

To see the AR experience in action, click here to visit Apple’s Quick Look page and view it on an iPhone.

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