Check out Visualsoft’s ‘EME Digital 360º product Images’ feature. This feature is an innovative way for online retailers to emulate the experience of in-person shopping.

Do you want to replicate the shopping experience of a bricks and mortar store online? Check out our Magic360 Product images feature on how Visualsoft can bring this experience to life.

Discover how YoFla360º Product Images can improve the quality of online shopping for the user. It’s important to see your products in high quality taken from every angle.

Ensure your customers come back for more by adding our Add to Wishlist feature that will enable users to add products to a virtual Wishlist to ensure they come back to your store.

Check out our Admin Controls feature that will allow you to clear the server-side cache of your store/admin system, view log files, and re-index website data

Do you have multiple Visualsoft-built stores? Add our Admin Switcher feature which will enable you to log into the admin system of one store then you can switch to another store.

Check out our AdRoll Tracking feature to retarget your visitors with ads across the Web after they've visited your online store.

Enable visitors to scroll through an alphabetical list of all of the brands you stock.

With our Advanced Brand Page, you can present all of your store’s available brands within an easy to use index page, enabling shoppers to see at a glance which prestigious names you carry.

Ensure your store's compatible with the VS Affiliate Network.

Add our Affiliate Network Integration feature to create a product feed that regularly sends information about a merchant’s products to web gains to identify sales that will incur commission.

Add our Affiliate Window Integration feature that regularly sends information about a store’s in-stock Affiliate Window so the data can be utilised by the store’s affiliate program.

Check out how our ‘Alternative Image Preview’ can help increase your conversion rate by allowing your visitors to view an alternative image by hovering over the image.

Discover our Amazon Integration here at Visualsoft to be able easily list items on Amazon directly from your store, and process all orders in your admin system.

List products on Amazon Canada directly from your admin system.

List products on Amazon France directly from your admin system.

List products on Amazon Germany directly from your admin system.

List products on Amazon Italy directly from your admin system.

List products on Amazon Spain directly from your admin system.

List products on directly from your admin system.

Create multiple Amazon product listings in bulk via a single admin screen.

Amazon Pay v2
Amazon Pay v2

Released: 30/06/2021

Take advantage of Amazon’s popularity by enabling website visitors the ability to login and pay with their existing Amazon account information.

Automatically re-price your products to keep them competitive with other Amazon merchants offering the same items through our Amazon Re-Pricing feature.

Import and process Amazon Vendor orders via your online store's admin system through our Amazon Vendor Integration.

Add extra ease to your store’s online checkout by adding our Apple Pay feature which enables customers to pay for orders via Apple Pay.

Enhance your user experience by making it easy for site visitors to make enquires about using a simple online form, linked to every product page on store.

Ensure better user navigation on your website by replacing your store's catalogue navigation with filters, facets and product listings provided by Attraqt.

Help customers see what your products look like in their home with our Augmented Reality (AR) Product Viewer for eCommerce sites.

Submit a daily feed of products to Google to be potentially featured in Product Listing Ads for the Australian market through our Australia Google Shopping feature.

Add our Auto Currency Selection feature that automatically detects the location of individual site users, based on their IP address, and converts prices to the relevant currency.

Check out how our ‘Autocomplete Search’ can help convert shoppers that show intent when arriving on your site to use the search tool to find their items.

Automated Email Preview
Automated Email Preview

Released: 16/10/2019

Add out Automated Email Preview feature to ensure your emails are being tailored to reflect the tone and feel of your brand by allowing you to view.

Send automatic emails to registered site users at key moments in the customer journey through our Automated Email Templates.

Your business may only have certain products available for In-store only. Make these listings clear with this Visualsoft feature.

Discover our Back In Stock Email Notifications feature to alert customers when out of stock items they are interested in become available.

Add our Barclaycard ePDQ Integration feature to allow your your customers to purchase from you with ease and benefit from industry-leading platform reliability.

Discover our Barcode Scan Despatch feature the makes it possible to select single or multiple orders with your store’s system to fulfil selected orders.

Add our Barcode Scanning feature to conveniently update an online store’s stock levels by scanning the barcodes of products into your stores admin system.

This feature allows you to manually add a parcel tracking number against orders that's included customer dispatch emails.

Enhance the user experience by enabling customers to hover over the shopping basket while on any store pages to be presented with a drop down summary of its contents.

Check out our Basket Recovery System to encourage more customers to complete their purchases on your store, by automatically sending them reminder emails if they leave without buying.

Check out our Basket Reference Code feature that generates a unique code when customers add items their basket, which they can use as a reference if they need assistance.

Check out Visualsoft’s ‘Birthday Discount’ feature where your store will automatically send birthday greetings to your customers on their special day.

Add our Biztrack EPOS Integration to ensure your products are web friendly being published live with our feature that will add product images and optimised product information.

Check out our Blog Feature to get your WordPress blog started within your online store to encourage return visits from existing customers and reach new site visitors.

Let your customers book appointments, events, classes/workshops or hire rental products via your store through our Booking System integration.

With consumer research showing that shoppers are more likely to buy a product from a brand they recognise it’s important to highlight them on your product listings.

Check out how Visualsoft’s ‘Brand Scroller’ feature can help make a great impression to any new visitors , to make sure they stay on the website to make the most of your traffic!

Check out our Brand Specific Size Guides feature to add specific size guide information for the brands that they offer, which can be viewed by site users on each product page.

Check out our Brandom EPOS Integration feature that will allow you to synchronise the order and product data between your online store and Bransom EPOS system.

Discover how our Breadcrumb Navigation feature can help improve your website’s navigation by using single line of text to underline how the user should navigate through the site.

Add our Brightpearl EPOS Integration to synchronise the order and product data between your online store and Brightpearl EPOS system.

Add our Bulk CSV Product Importer feature to import bulk product information including titles, references, descriptions, stock levels, prices and images to your store.

Add our Bulk Delivery Labels which enables your store to select multiple undispatched orders then export the customers addresses to be printed onto delivery labels.

Add our Bulk Product Management to quickly update information for multiple products via a single screen within your admin system.

Discover our ‘Buy List’ feature that facilitates customer-to-store transactions by enabling you to create listings on your store for items that you’d like to purchase.

Maximise your fashion sales by encouraging shoppers to buy a whole outfit with our Shop and Buy the Look feature for your online store.

Add our Cancellation Form feature automatically generates a cancellation form for each order placed on your store and attaches it to the customers order confirmation email.

Canonical URL Management
Canonical URL Management

Released: 15/11/2019

Add our Canonical URL Management feature to manage your URLs to drive website traffic to the correct location and avoid duplicate page content.

Check out our Catalogue Request System which features an online form that site users can use to submit their details to request a catalogue/brochure.

Are you looking to sell to the French marketplace? Sell on the leading French marketplace directly via your store's admin system through our Cdiscount Integration.

Embrace the power of celebrity and influencer culture and allow your customers to shop by collections. Add this feature to your online store.

Securely process payments via this primary payment gateway

Action a number of tasks, such as order and invoice exporting by integrating with Cloud Commerce Pro.

Discover how our CMS Page Builder will help your eCommerce website flourish by providing your customers with a wealth of information regarding your products & services.

Add our Collect In Store feature as a delivery option to your site, and allows your customers to choose one of your branches as a pickup point for their order.

Check out our Colour Splitting feature that will allow each colour option of a product to be displayed in product result pages.

List products that are available in a variety of colours as a single product on your store's department pages.

With our Product Page Colour Swatches feature, you can create specific swatches for the relevant products so customers can hover over images which will display further information.

Commercial Invoice
Commercial Invoice

Released: 28/01/2021

An additional invoice for customs information

Our Product Compare feature helps your customers do their research and ensure they are happy that they have chosen the best product for them.

Attract new customers by promoting specific brands and ranges by adding our Competitions Section so site users can submit their details via the competitions page.

Discover our ControQ Traffic Control tool that will allow your store to cope with the peak shopping periods meaning you won’t lose out on potential sales!

Inform customers about your site’s data policies with a Cookie Policy Banner or page. Improve user satisfaction by getting customer consent with this useful tool

Check out our ‘Cookies Policy’ feature at Visualsoft. This will allow your business to gain insights into customer behaviour, ultimately shaping better online services.

With DPD being one of the UK’s leading time-critical services carriers it’s important your store has access these services when delivery services are needed.

Discover our FedEx Courier feature. With this integration you can indicate when you'd like an order to be shipped to customers in the UK by FedEx.

Add our Metapack Courier Export feature that can generate Metapack delivery consignments within a customer order where required.

Check out our Hermes Courier which allows you to export order details as a CSV which you can send to MyHermes for processing/delivery.

Export delivery data for UPS so the courier can ship your orders to your customers efficiently through our UPS Worldship Courier Export Integration.

Check out our FedEx Courier feature. With this integration you can indicate when you'd like an order to be shipped to an international customer by FedEx

Add our APC Overnight Courier Integration feature to deliver timed and trackable next day delivery with delivery covering more than 112 locations.

Add our Collect+ Courier Integration feature to your website to click offer your customers a click and collect delivery option.

Offer Collect+ as a courier option to your customers and use Metapack to generate Collect+ delivery consignments.

Send shipment requests to DHL via your store's admin system to input the weight and content of a required shipment, select a shipment date to ensure your products are shipped correctly.

Send delivery details to Parcelforce so the courier can ship your orders, and print labels from within your admin system through our Courier Integration.

Offer your customers a click and collect delivery option.

Allow Criteo to track your visitors and serve them ads of your products when they're on other sites through our Criteo Integration feature.

Discover our Cross-Selling Product Display feature to give your e-commerce site to cross sell products to customers based on the items they view on a store.

Check out our Custom Gift Vouchers feature available at Visualsoft. Gift vouchers are a popular choice for gifts and a great way to attract new custom.

Check out Visualsoft’s Custom Stock Messages feature to allow specific stock messages to be created on the store’s system to show relevant product pages.

Check out our Customer Accounts to enable shoppers to register with your store, create their own customer account and manage their account info.

Add our ‘Customer Files Area’ to make it easier for shoppers to buy from your store which will also encourage shoppers to return and make repeat purchases.

Take control of your customer accounts by adding our Customer Management feature to update your customer account records, cancel accounts and to reset customer passwords.

Filter your store's customers based on their order history and status.

Do you want to find out where your customers are coming from? Check out our Customer Referral Report feature which allows customers to confirm how they heard about your store.

Add our Customer Service System feature to enable your store to conveniently manage site user/customer enquiries through your admin system.

Add our Customer Sub-Profiles feature to enable your customers to manage multiple sub-profiles within their main customer account.

Add our Customer Survey via the checkout page to gain valuable feedback from your customers at the point of purchase.

The Cybertill EPOS Integration feature consists of a two way process where web sales are sent from the website through to the store's admin system.

Synchronise the order and product data between your online store and Cybertill RS2 EPOS system with our Cybertill RS2 EPOS Integration feature.

Add our D.O.B Registration Field feature to ensure customers provide their date of birth as part of your store's customer registration process to better understand your customers.

Check out our Deal of the Day feature to create and run Deal of the day limited-time offers on your store that automatically expire at your specified time.

Check out our Debenhams Integration that will allow your store to list products for sale on directly via your store's admin system.

Add our Deko Finance Integration to your eCommerce website to enable customers to apply for items in instalments through Deko Finance.

Ensure your customer receives their order in time by adding our Delivery Cut-Off Countdown to let them know how long they have to qualify for same day or next day delivery.

Are you shipping parcels with extra expenses involved? Add our Delivery Surcharges feature to create delivery rates which are applied as a surcharge to specific products.

Add and edit your store's departments and brand pages.

Despatch Cloud (via API)
Despatch Cloud (via API)

Released: 11/05/2021

Streamline and automate your order processing.

Synchronise the order and product data between your online store and DGCS EPOS system via our DGCS EPOS Integration feature.

Check our our Discount Code Import feature to upload CSV spreadsheets of discount codes provided by Groupon or Wowcher to your store's admin system.

Looking to reward your customers with extra discount codes per order. Add our Discount Interactions feature to enable your store to offer discounts that can be used together.

Discover our Discount Usage Report feature that monitors the discounts offered to a store’s online customers, making it easy to assess performance.

Enable customers to pay for items in instalments via Divido Retail Finance's consumer credit options.

Check out our Downloadable Product Images at Visualsoft. Allow your B2B customers to download product images from your eCommerce site when they purchase from you!

Dropbox Integration (Via Zynk API)
Dropbox Integration (Via Zynk API)

Released: 06/11/2019

Link Dropbox up to your Visualsoft Admin.

Check out our Dropdown Navigation Menu feature to allow site users to quickly navigate to a specific department or brand within a store and offer simplified navigation.

Check out our Dynamic Remarketing feature that generates the necessary code to enable retailers to utilise Google’s Dynamic Display Ad service.

Add our e-Trackit EPOS Integration to process web sales are sent from the website through to e-Trackit to manage the product data on your store.

Are you looking to sell your products directly to eBay? Add our eBay Integration feature to easily submit products directly to eBay.

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