Partners & Integrations.

Through our long-standing partnerships with a huge selection of industry heavyweights, we’ve been able to make our eCommerce platform work even harder for our clients and help each to ‘power up’ their online stores.  From EPOS integrations, payment solutions and additional smart functionality through our features and integrations, sites can evolve and improve just as fast as the industry.

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We believe in joined-up thinking and work with many like-minded providers across the industry to ensure we deliver a truly end-to-end solution to retailers across the globe.

Great industry partners. Even better friends.

After two decades in eCommerce, we’ve seen consumer expectations evolve dramatically. Our powerful eCommerce platform works hard to deliver against these requirements and we invest in R&D to continue improving, however sometimes, our Partners are our first port of call.

We’re fortunate to have worked with leading brands boasting products and services that bolster our client’s eCommerce efforts even further. To continually develop our offering, we work with our Partners to provide and suggest the best solutions, as well as offering discounts and preferential rates for our clients as an added benefit.

In addition, our team are trained directly by our Partners on their products and new services, so you can be assured that the advice we give is up to date and fit for purpose.

Roy Watson<
"Visualsoft are one of our key trusted partners, who we've worked with for a few years. Their commitment to innovation, best practice and being a leader in their field mirrors what we strive for at Barclaycard, so we're always happy to work together. "
Roy Watson
Roy Watson
Gavin Lowther, Head of Digital <
"Working with Google as a Premier Partner has allowed us to ensure client growth is maximised using best practice and the latest features, giving our clients exclusive access to Beta launches and insight direct from the Google team themselves, in the form of events, content and support. Our great relationship with Google has been of great benefit to our clients and continues to expand with growing access to multiple support teams. This enables Visualsoft to remain at the forefront in the industry and clients to reap the rewards."
Gavin Lowther, Head of Digital
Gavin Lowther, Head of Digital

It doesn't stop there...
Our platform fully integrates with a great range of other third-party providers.

Our range of integrations cover EPOS integrations, payment solutions and gateways, revenue-driving sales overlays, cart abandonment tools, smart suggestion tools and customer reviews, as well as extending marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay and Fruugo – and a whole lot more.

In addition to our increasing Partners and Integrations list, our clients have access to the Visualsoft Feature Hub, where they can gain access to a range of additional functionality to make their site even more powerful and accessible to all.

Our varying tiers of service offer some features included in the price, however for extra add-ons, all it takes is a simple call and we’ll do the rest.

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