Social Media.

Once upon a time, social media was enjoyed by teens and University students alone and everyone’s first friend was named Tom. Fast-forward almost twenty years and the social media landscape is bigger than anyone expected, with over 90% of British adults currently using some form of social network.  Needless to say, the opportunity for brands is huge – and ever increasing.

Find out how our Social Media service delivers ROI and real value for eCommerce businesses.

Smart brands get into the hearts and minds of their customers through effective Social Media marketing.

By the time you finish reading this page, a millennial will have checked their phone at least twice.

Research across the board shows that the millennial generation, the most social-media savvy generation of all time, check their phone (and their social media channels) around 150 times a day on average. That number sounds shocking, but smartphones and social media are such an enormous part of how millennials communicate that it makes sense – and provides a huge opportunity for brands.

Retailers need to ‘be there in the moment’ for their target customer, through relatable, relevant social media messaging that offers what they’re looking for and incites action. But, they’re a discernible bunch and no amount of shouting or screaming on their feed will make them click your ad – your brand needs to be using data to create more appropriate content and offers.

Our expert Social Media team do just that, and deliver ROI and real brand value for our clients as a result.

By the time you finish reading this page, a millennial will have checked their phone at least twice.

Step 1.

As with all of our digital services, there’s a hefty planning phase to kick things off right. Our Social Media Strategists and Consultants will take a deep interest in your business and the products/services you offer, before investigating further your competitors and the audience you either have already, or should be reaching via social media.

Whether it’s a new foray for your brand, or your social profiles have gone a little stale and quiet, our team can resuscitate each channel and plan an attack that puts you at the front of your customer’s social media space.

At this stage we’ll also identify any training needs for you or your team, to help inspire stories that are perfect for social media. You’ll receive a content calendar with clear deliverables and deadlines, then we’ll get to work on getting things started.

Step 2.

Now, it’s time for action. Your dedicated team will implement your organic, campaign and paid strategies to amplify your brand in the social space.

From there, we’ll create unique content, making sure the tone and frequency of messaging is consistent with your target audience’s online behaviour and the latest algorithm updates. Strong calls to action, engaging headlines and the sharpest paid social strategy will ensure we prospect and retarget effectively.

All activity will be delivered on time and on budget, and throughout campaigns we’ll work closely with your brand to get the most out of what we’re delivering. Additionally, we’ll look at how social media can complement other channel activity, such as Email Marketing, and collaborate with our Email team where necessary to bridge the gap and maximise opportunities.

Step 3.

We’ll always be measuring and reviewing the success of our social media campaigns, but as you’d expect, you’ll receive monthly reporting from us to take a wider look at the activity and provide suggestions on how we can go one better.

Your reports will be vital to identifying gaps and opportunities to be exploited, and give you a strong understanding of how your audiences respond to content across each unique social media platform.  Our ethos is to learn and optimise based on genuine data, and reports help us do that, along with quarterly strategy meetings, depending on your level of service with Visualsoft.

It’s not all about those monthly reports though, our team are eagle-eyed and ready to pounce on more instantaneous opportunities when they arise, so can provide shorter snippets and ideas where necessary.

Step 4.

Using data to refine and optimise our social media content is what gets us up in the morning. Seriously. What could be better than discovering all there is to know about your audience on social media then optimising campaigns to suit and hitting targets?

We’ll optimise across all social media touch points, from content creation, messaging, customer service, and Ads management on selected social media platforms. We’ll zone in on your target customer and deliver content that speaks to them as they’re going about their daily business, to encourage engagement and interaction with your brand.

Our team also pride themselves on ensuring they’re fully up-to-date and compliant with the latest updates to social media platforms, so clients can be assured that everything we deliver is in line with what the likes of Mark Zuckerberg stipulate as the new social media rules every so often.

Start Over Again

Daunted by the Social Media landscape? Let us take the reins for you.

Understandably, some businesses are scared to open themselves up to the huge net of opportunity that social media can offer. But think of it this way: as more users move to mobile as their primary way of researching and purchasing online, can you really afford to NOT be in their social media space?

Last year, Sprout Social revealed that there are over 8 million business profiles on Instagram, up from 1.6 million the year before. It’s not just about Instagram, either. Across the ‘big 3’ social platforms (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram), there are over 40 million active users in the UK alone. The enthusiasm is catching, and nobody wants to be late to the party when it comes to social media.

Our team can manage your channels completely for you, or offer bespoke consultancy to in-house staff to help them own your brand’s place in the social media landscape. If you’re looking to inspire your customers, engage with them and drive revenue as a result, talk to us and we’ll show you how.

Daunted by the Social Media landscape? Let us take the reins for you.

Pay to play, don't spray and pray.

One thing that the increase in business profiles has resulted in, is the growth of paid social across channels. In such a saturated landscape, brands need to do something else to stand out to their customers, and paid-for social media activity offers that differentiator and is now an essential part of your social strategy.

We see many a brand relentlessly publishing messages organically and hoping for a miracle, when our paid social solutions would solve their lack of engagement problem altogether. Our team are well-trained in creating ad strategies optimised for each aspect of the funnel, and can optimise your budget, target your prospective customers and re-engage with existing customers, too. The data is there, you just need the experts to show you how to use it.

Our Paid Social service can be offered on a consultancy basis or again, fully-managed by our in-house team, where they’ll produce objective-based ads strategies for each aspect of the sales funnel.

Key Deliverables.

  • Full social media platform management
  • Consultancy-only to aid in-house teams
  • Paid ads management and consultancy
  • Content creation and full content plans each quarter
  • Tone of Voice and messaging guidelines for all platforms
  • Audience targeting and user behaviour insight
  • Monthly reporting and calls
  • Quarterly strategy reviews
  • Up-to-date information on platform updates and guidelines

Key Benefits.

  • Expert team with experience in delivering social media strategies for brands both large and small, domestically and internationally.
  • Specialists in social media for eCommerce brands
  • Transparent service delivery through reporting and visible Project Management tools
  • Training and support where needed
  • Fully-managed service for brands who want to completely hand over social media
  • Blogger outreach and influencer relations via social media
  • Alignment with other Digital channel activity

It's time to unleash the power of Social Media. Talk to us to get started.