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Email Marketing is about way more than sending a bunch of automated email communications and hoping for the best.  Our team are experts in creating emails that tell brand stories, promote products and services at the right time, in the right way and ultimately, render staggering numbers of clicks and conversions.

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Does a 3700% ROI sound good to you?

The DMA has revealed that Email Marketing is by and large the most effective marketing channel out there, with an average ROI of 3700% for some. That’s a £37 return for every £1 spent. But, as with all things that sounds too good to be true, it is. This figure doesn’t apply to every single Email Marketing campaign, of course, because if it did, we’d be out of a job.

The truth is, a huge proportion of campaigns sent out by retailers today aren’t hitting the high notes and have recipients scrambling for the ‘unsubscribe’ button.

Email Marketing done right means sending targeted communications based on customer data, purchase history, preferences and user behaviour, thus personalising your offers to meet the unique needs of your customers, as well as maximising your conversion potential over key sales periods.

It’s not easy, but with the right tools and guidance from a team like ours, your brand will be well on its way to Email Marketing success.

Does a 3700% ROI sound good to you?

Step 1.

First off, you’ll get a dedicated Campaign Manager who’ll make it their business to understand yours. They’ll look to understand your business objectives, brand, audience and products/services, before mapping out a strategic plan to move your Email activity from “batch and blast” to “deliver and delight”.

We’ll explore your customer journey, create a brand-appropriate content plan specifically for Email Marketing (in line with other channel activities such as SEO and Social Media), define brand guidelines for email and finally, set clear objectives to ensure every email is up to standard, meets customer needs and converts going forward.

Step 2.

Ok, don’t panic – this part means actually emailing your customers or prospective customers. A scary thought, but we have that plan, remember?

At the Execute stage, your Campaign Manager and the experts in our Email Team will write, design, build and send your email campaign. A key part of this process is testing, and depending on your objectives we’ll run batch and A/B testing to find out what drives the best performance, before rolling out the winner to your full contact list.

In addition to these targeted campaigns, we can also set up a series of automated email campaigns, which can run in the background generating revenue while you tackle the bigger items on your to-do list.

Step 3.

Following testing, we’ll report on user behaviour such as click-throughs and conversions, as well as helping to give more insight on the data you hold and whether it’s up-to-date and compliant with GDPR legislation (more on that bit later…).

Our Email Marketing team are Google Analytics qualified, so can set up goals relevant to your objectives to prove the worth of each email we send. We’ll then track these goals and include them in your reports every month. In addition to monthly reports, you’ll also get quarterly strategy guides and regular calls to keep things running smoothly.

This vital part of the process will give you a complete overview on what your subscribers respond to, how long they spend reading your emails, the frequency of opens and even where they’re spending the most time, so future campaigns can be optimised.

Step 4.

Or as we call it, the fun part. Optimising campaigns based on the data we gather through testing is what makes us tick (and what makes your customers click!).

Our expertise in email for eCommerce businesses, specifically in the Fashion, Jewellery, Homeware, Sports and Footwear industries, has provided us with a huge back catalogue of what works and what doesn’t, but every email campaign is unique to each brand, and optimising is what elevates each campaign so emails truly speak to the recipient.

We’re also all about helping you maximise sales at key trading periods, so we’ll optimise campaigns based on the data you have on your customers to maximise sales around significant calendar dates, ensuring that Email lives up to its reputation as a serious results generator.

Start Over Again

GDPR is coming. We'll ensure you're compliant.

GDPR is the acronym on everyone’s lips right now, and for good reason. The new legislation set to come into play on May 25th 2018 will have a huge impact on Email Marketing as a practice, and those who don’t adhere to the updated laws will pay a (hefty) price.

But, you’re not alone. Our Email Marketing team are well-trained in all things GDPR and will be working with Visualsoft clients to ensure all data for Email Marketing is stored and used correctly, well before the deadline hits. We’ll cleanse your lists, help you understand your role as a data processor and ensure every campaign is compliant going forward.

If GDPR sounds like a minefield you don’t know where to start with, contact us via the form below for help from the experts.


GDPR is coming. We'll ensure you're compliant.

Get full transparency over all things Email.

Our Email Marketing platform runs directly from our VS Commerce admin portal, so our clients are able to view real-time data on project activity to ensure full transparency over each send.

In addition, every team within our digital services utilises a fully-visible project management tool, so you’re always in the loop and can view your Email Marketing activity alongside other digital campaigns.

Finally, your dedicated strategists will detail email performance in every report, as well as providing insight on segmentation and deliverability so effective changes can be made in real-time to continually improve your brand’s approach to email.

Key Deliverables.

  • Monthly performance reporting
  • Performance-driven recommendations
  • Quarterly strategy guides
  • 5 fully-managed email campaigns for Professional/Professional+ clients
  • 10 fully-managed email campaigns for Enterprise/Enterprise+ clients
  • Fixed-price costs with no extra fee for email volume or number of sends
  • Basket abandonment campaigns also included
  • Automation campaigns included
  • Clear and focused objectives to meet ROI targets
  • Dedicated email Campaign Manager

Key Benefits.

  • Hugely cost-effective marketing tactic
  • Work with eCommerce experts with proven results
  • Self-service option available for clients and non-clients alike
  • Easy to access platform via VS Commerce
  • Fully-certified team
  • Access to a team with vast expertise in delivering campaigns for brands just like yours
  • Design and build all in one place
  • Content planning that converts

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