eCommerce by Visualsoft Migration

Case Study


Family run discount department store, TJ Hughes, specialise in home and fashion, fragrance and cosmetics, technology and electrical goods. With an aim to provide savvy shoppers with premium brands at affordable, competitive prices, TJ Hughes has been a leading name in discount goods since 1912. Currently operating from 20 stores across the UK and expanding rapidly, TJ Hughes came to Visualsoft to help bolster their online position.

"We were thrilled to onboard TJ Hughes as a client for a number of reasons. The department store supplies products from a wide range of sectors, meaning our teams were able to join forces, combine expertise and produce a fantastic set of results through our Enterprise service."
Tim Johnson
CSO Visualsoft


Our first step was to work closely with the client to understand exactly what they wanted to achieve through their online presence.They hoped to bring their website up to date and increase conversion rates through migrating from the Magento to the Visualsoft platform, and improve the look and functionality through a complete reconstruction of the site.

As such a strong, established brand, our enterprise tech services were a great fit for TJ Hughes. We formed a team of senior developers led by a dedicated account manager to easily achieve the wish list of bespoke integrations requested by the client.

By taking the time to fully immerse ourselves in TJ’s internal processes, buying strategies, stock depth and product margins, we were able to develop a flexible 360 approach to their marketing needs. This allowed us to put in place a holistic marketing strategy covering all channels that allowed us to shift additional resources into those channels where required.

This approach gave TJ Hughes full enterprise access to all marketing channels, with the ability to focus attention on specific channels depending on requirements at the time. The 360 service ensured we could efficiently and effectively target key metrics such as driving visitor acquisition and customer retention, while also utilising our CRO team to optimise and deliver strong user experience.


Revenue Increase
After Launch
Increase in Transactions
After Launch
Conversion Rate Increase
Against old site