TIC Watches

Case Study


Since 2007 this family run business has specialised in offering top brands including Armani, Barbour, Christian Paul, Hugo Boss and Michael Kors.

"Working closely with Visualsoft has allowed me to tap into their expertise in eCommerce and online marketing to help meet our strategic objectives. After a strong Q4, I’m looking forward to continuing my partnership with Visualsoft in order to grow Tic Watches throughout 2017 and beyond."
Daniel Richmond
Owner, TIC Watches


In order to substantially increase traffic and ultimately, sales, we created two campaigns, which were the All Products SC and the Remarketing Campaign. The All Products SC was created to capitalise on being able to target all of the site’s brands through just one campaign. Previously, a Brand shopping campaign was in place, but this was only targeting select brands. The Armani Top Converting ID’s shopping campaign, in particular, was created to take advantage of the best performing brand on the account. We were able to concentrate on more specific ID’s with increased bids and a higher priority.


Overall Sales
generated from All Product SC campaign
Sales Increase
year on year
Traffic Increase
generated by Armani Top Converting ID’s shopping campaign