Case Study


For over 21 years Montane has engineered innovative, lightweight, breathable clothing and equipment for endurance sports and activities in extreme environments. The brand has become synonymous with pushing the limits of mountain clothing, making Montane the go to supplier for professionals who demand the toughest credentials from their clothing and equipment.

"Montane was a brand our award-winning designers were excited to get their hands on. The new responsive web design produced for the client and the results achieved from this, is testament to the hard work of our experts."
Tim Johnson
CSO Visualsoft


Initially our team met with the client to understand key project objectives and identify problems with their existing website. We undertook independent research to gather the further information needed to inform the project going forward. The brief, assets and brand guidelines were also received at this stage.The client had recognised that their existing website was not built with eCommerce in mind and as a consequence they were finding conversions extremely low. Their product pages were particularly poor with a lack of USP communication throughout, and an inaccurate filtering system which hindered the overall customer experience.

It was evident from the start that a new website design was imperative, focusing on functionality but without alienating existing customers with too much of a radical change. Our award winning team of in house designers worked to reinforce the stronger aspects of the existing website and improve the weaker elements. The new full responsive website redesign focused on communicating the Montane brand while still maintaining our best practice eCommerce foundations to maximise conversions.

To allow a dynamic news feed and increase brand communication, our team integrated a new blog feature and added product videos to aid brand ‘storytelling’. Pages were designed to give a clean, premium and minimalistic look and feel, with a balance maintained between the eCommerce aspect of the website and the branding/aspirational ‘personality’ of the business.


Traffic Increase
Q4 2015 vs 2016
Transactions Increase
Q4 2015 vs 2016
Revenue Increase
Q4 2015 vs 2016