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Miltons Diamonds have been trading in luxury pre-owned watches for over 100 years. Built on a reputation of trust and professionalism, Miltons have also become the most well known pawnbrokers in and around Liverpool. They possess an impressive collection of secondhand pieces, with luxury watches from brands such as Tag Heuer, Cartier and Rolex.

"The Bond Watch campaign worked really well for us. We noticed a huge influx in visitors to the site and our engagement with customers also increased."
Ben Johnson
Web Manager, Miltons


One of the main USPs for the brand, was that they offered good value, second-hand, Rolex and Omega watches. However, our team’s task was to create a broader appeal than simply the renowned watch brands. The solution was to tie the watch campaign to a famous fictional character, well-known for exhibiting timeless pieces: James Bond. The content piece was to showcase which of Bond’s watches appeared in which movie, alongside facts on film production, the watches’ gadgetry and a ‘then and now’ valuation. It was hoped that the unfamiliar monetary angle, determining which Bond’s watch collection would be worth the most today, would lead to more press coverage and a greater appeal to fans.

The project was split into 3 phrases:

Research and Content
Research was carried out online, via a mixture of 007 and watch references. Original valuation was measured through combining data from watch valuation sites and old catalogues. Finally, Chrono24 and eBay were used to determine the modern day worth.

Design and Integration
Design took inspiration from the Maurice Binder title sequences. The content was presented on the website, on a stand-alone page where wireframe versions of each watch were showcased in a carousel format.

In order to promote the content, we created a press release and accompanying outreach emails with engaging titles. We had a tiered approach to outreach, targeting newspapers first, fashion sites second and finally movie blogs and James Bond sites.


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