Magic Madhouse

Case Study


Magic Madhouse are the largest online trading card company in the UK. They were originally best known for selling Magic: the Gathering merchandise; stocking cards, accessories and sealed products. They have now grown to sell many additional products, including most recently, Star Wars lines.

"Visualsoft were able to put together a fascinating marketing campaign that not only piqued interest during the height of a Star Wars season, but also caused a disturbance in the force to become a rousing success."
Michael Duke
Owner, Magic Madhouse


The core demographic of Magic Madhouse is primarily males aged between 25-34, with interests including gaming, comics and movies. Star Wars had a natural appeal to this demographic. Our team had the upcoming release of The Last Jedi on our radar, and as a result we planned to create a topical content marketing campaign which would explore the history of the Star Wars movies, designed to appeal to fans eager for Star Wars content in the run up to the release.

The project was split into 3 phases:

Research and Content
Research was carried out via online resources and through watching the movies. For the data needed, it was important to find information that would be consistent across the seven movies so that we could compare and contrast stats.

Design and Integration
Design took inspiration from the Star Wars aesthetic. The piece would be hosted on a stand-alone page that would feature interactive, responsive charts.

In order to get the content in front of the relevant audiences we outreached the piece to various movie websites. We used a press release which highlighted the more subversive angles of the data – that Darth Vader only appears in A New Hope for 9 minutes for example, and which also highlighted differences between the original trilogy and prequels, as this was a passionate topic amongst fans and we felt playing to this would encourage conversation


Increase in Overall Sessions
Increase in New Users
Received visits for the piece
in December