Jules B

Case Study


Jules B have been dressing stylish men and women for over 30 years and pride themselves on personalised customer service. The business has opened stores in a number of affluent shopping destinations across the North of England, and has won the Drapers Magazine coveted title of ‘Best Independent Fashion Store’ an impressive four times.

As their USA and ROW activity was a key growth area for Q4, the client aimed to increase digital activity and intensity across both UK and international domains.

"We've achieved some fantastic results with Visualsoft 360 marketing. Having open communication with the marketing teams gives me the confidence that they're always optimising towards success."
Tom Jeffrey
Head of eCommerce, Jules B


The client had been established in the UK market for quite some time, so it was time to disrupt the online space with a 360 degree marketing approach. Our experts identified videography as a core channel to create noise ahead of the Black Friday period, reducing the reliance on promotional discounts. Our experts produced a video illustrating key style trends throughout the decade, that was amplified as an overarching campaign across multiple digital channels.

PPC was utilised as a core acquisition channel to increase international brand awareness and traction. We worked to improve efficiencies and increase ROI of the existing UK domain acquisition strategy, reinvesting into campaigns that retargeted previous users. International account campaigns were strengthened and reach was extended to increase acquisition efforts. Our blended approach meant we had confidence in our learnings from the UK strategy, and were able to implement them into international campaigns for greater success.

SEO was key to ensure no cannibalisation of the UK site with increased time and focus on the international domains, whilst investing time into content marketing and outreach to drive UK brand awareness. Our SEO experts conducted market research and collaborated with JulesB’s internal buying team and influential fashion bloggers, to devise a robust content and outreach strategy.

Our affiliate experts continued to leverage publisher relationships to tap into new audiences and reward loyalty, whilst building up a prospect list to fully launch within the USA and international marketplaces. With the increased acquisition and retention efforts across all digital channels, we utilised our email team to nurture new and retain existing customers by understanding conversion triggers.


Traffic Increase
after site launch(Q1 vs Q4)
Increase in Transactions
after site launch(Q1 vs Q4)
Annual Revenue Increase
after site launch(Q1 vs Q4)