Family-run retailer Charles Clinkard has devoted over 90 years to offering the finest footwear to its customers. The business now has 33 stores across the UK and multiple awards to its name including Best Footwear Multiple Retailer award on more than one occasion.

The Objective

Charles Clinkard wanted to migrate their Affiliate campaign to the Visualsoft Affiliate Network, with minimal disruption to existing partner activities. Clinkards aimed to review all active publishers following the campaign migration and implement new development strategies. They also aimed to recruit new core and long-tail publishers to improve campaign performance and value, as well as review publisher attribution to identify critical partners who drive valuable traffic but receive little reward.

The Approach

We initially created a detailed publisher migration plan, which helped to identify individual publisher needs. From this we were able to incentivise publishers to transition in a timely and smooth manner, while rewarding their efforts with goal specific incentives.

Advanced insights and reporting tools on our Affiliate platform, and integration of platform data with Google Analytics, enabled the team to gain a deeper understanding of publisher performance and identify the most valuable partners. Critically, this data insight also highlighted partners who were losing out to the last-click attribution model (the standard affiliate marketing model), allowing us to implement strategies which positively impacted these publishers and develop stronger relationships.

Charles Clinkard also wanted to expand the number of long-tail content publishers who were active on the campaign, which opened up opportunities to recruit fashion and footwear bloggers, content platforms, social advocates and other niche publishers. The new platform allowed multiple payment models, highly customised and bespoke commission schemes and attribution modelling which enabled a quick and smooth launch of these publishers before critical times of the year.

We moved to Visualsoft's Affiliate platform to boost growth and gain deeper insight into our publisher partners, in both of these areas Visualsoft have hit and exceeded targets and objectives.
Rachel Clinkard - eCommerce Director

The Results

Return on investment
over 2016
Reduction in advertising cost
2016 vs 2015
Revenue growth
2016 vs 2015
New customer sales
of total sales over 2016

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