Carpet Runners is the UK’s largest retailer of hall and stair carpet runners. The business operates nationwide as well as internationally, with over 80 years of design and technical experience under its belt.

The Objective

Carpet Runners wanted to improve usability of its category pages and filters, which were difficult to view and use on desktop computers.

The Approach

The first stage involved user testing of the online store to pinpoint the areas which were discouraging users from browsing and completing an order. After asking users general questions about navigating and refining products on a category page, we found that the filters were missed, which therefore made it harder to find specific products and caused frustration when trying to find products.

For this AB Test we moved the filters from the horizontal navigation to the left had side where you would normally find website filters on most eCommerce sites. By doing this you were clearly able to see where filters were located, which made filtering much easier. We also made minor changes by switching basic landing pages off, infinite scroll off and adding pagination back on to the category pages.

When A/B testing, we initially started at a 20/80 split of users and upped to a 50/50 split to ensure conversions were fully optimised.

Early on in 2016, I realised that my growth had slowed. This is where the Visualsoft CRO team come into play. Immediately they came up with detailed plans as to what they would change. After month 1, it was already paying for itself. After a 3 month stint at CRO, I committed to a 6 month stint. It was really a no brainer for me as I knew that down the line, it would cost me nothing from the growth that we would get in conversions. Join the CRO team today and start turning more of that traffic into cash!
Myles Shaw, MD & Founder, Carpet Runners UK

The Results

conversion rate
conversion rate

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