Beauty Base is a family-run retailer specialising in fragrance and beauty products. Renowned for its heritage and innovation, it houses a wide range of leading brands in its high-end stores throughout London and the surrounding area.

The Objective

The challenge posed by the project involved increasingly tough competition from other key players in the industry. The main goal was to refresh Beauty Base’s approach to their SEO strategy in order to generate relevant coverage with high authority sources and increase overall visibility.

The Approach

Our solution to the challenge was to capitalise on the demand for editorial content related to beauty products. From existing knowledge of the industry, our outreach team was aware of the extremely high demand, from industry editors and journalists, for consumables in this vertical. Publications are often looking for products to test, review and giveaway so our role would be to facilitate the fulfilment of any relevant opportunities.

Google’s algorithm may be changing all the time but their guidelines have, at their core, been fairly constant. Being careful to adhere to rules around product reviews and compensated linking, we worked with various PR services to highlight opportunities and individually pitched journalists to provide comment on key industry topics and create supporting content.

The defined approach was followed for a number of months, stimulating a steady stream of ongoing coverage and eventually leading to substantial growth of the site’s overall backlink profile. This subsequently had an effect on organic sessions and, most importantly, the business’ bottom line.

The Visualsoft SEO team are a great bunch of people to work with. Their dedication to the project was evident and over the last 6 months, they’ve gained some great exposure for our brand.
Salman Al-Farsi, Director, Beauty Base

The Results

Increase in Organic Sessions
overall year on year
Increase in Organic Sessions
to key brand pages year on year
Increase in revenue from Organic
year on year

Our Work