lifestyle photography and videography

Our Videography team provides an external lifestyle photography/videography service for those that don’t have in-house facilities, providing visual content that can reach new customers and increase site engagement.

In 2016, Facebook changed their algorithm that controls content reach and exposure. As organic exposure was reduced, alternative methods for showcasing content needed to be produced. Video content offers effective organic reach and a natural, engaging way to show your customers exactly what you do!


Offer customers a valuable insight into your brand with professional photographs of your store. This is a highly effective way to boost engagement and follower interaction, giving customers a new outlook on who you are.


Our team will take creative shots/video of your products on/off site, offering a more personal, engaging look at what you sell, compared to standard studio shots.


Show clients and customers some of the work that you do outside of your store/office. This is a great way to create a snapshot of your brand at a tradeshow or exhibition.

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