E-Mail Marketing

Visualsoft Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective digital marketing channels, allowing you to build personal connections with your customers. Our industry leading email marketing solution provides online retailers with everything needed to send data-driven, highly relevant email campaigns that achieve the best results. Visualsoft is a full service email marketing agency, with creative and technical specialists working to deliver effective, best-in-class email campaigns for our clients.

Tailored Email Marketing Solutions

We are an innovative email marketing agency, offering self-service or a fully managed email campaign management for B2B and B2C industries. Our email marketing specialists work with you to help you create intelligent, targeted campaigns that are sent at just the right time.

Advanced Marketing AutomationComplex integration projects are a thing of the past, as all of your e-commerce data is built in to our solution - empowering you to create automated campaigns that really drive revenue. From the basics like welcome and birthday emails, to advanced customer lifecycles, send emails at the right time in your customer's journey to optimise performance.

Advanced Marketing Automation
All-in-one Solution

All-in-one SolutionEasily manage your email marketing campaigns within our all-in-one eCommerce platform. Create advanced segments within your database based on past purchases, behavioural data and engagement to maximise retention and revenue.

Roi Focused

Our email marketing solution provides you with all of the information you need to measure the success of your email marketing campaigns.

Our email performance dashboard is ROI focused, giving you insight into how email is contributing to your overall online revenue and view the success of individual emails.

Advanced Marketing Automation

Strategic Consultancy

Our email marketing strategists provide you with quarterly strategies and monthly reports, tailored to your company’s marketing objectives and driven by your performance. Our team has a wealth of agency and client-side experience in the email marketing industry.

Ecommerce Email Marketing

With proven results, we use best practice techniques, high quality designs and a powerful platform to directly connect with your customers, boosting engagement with new users and improving customer retention. From small businesses to global brands, our extensive portfolio continues to grow. Our email marketing team delivers the highest level of client service, working with you to help grow your business through this integral marketing channel.

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