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To achieve outstanding design, which has become our signature, we rely on two things - great looks, and even greater functionality. Every store we produce is built on our powerful platform, which delivers an exceptional range of features to online retailers and their customers, ensuring that managing and shopping with a Visualsoft eCommerce store is a satisfying experience.

Powerful Functionality

To find out more about just some of the many features and benefits that our platform can offer you, please click on the icons below for further info. In addition you can also get a first-hand feel for our platform by test driving our demo site, which includes a small selection of powerful functionality, or if you'd rather have an informal chat about what you need, please give us a call.

Platform Features

B2B & Trade

Developed specifically for retailers that sell largely to other businesses, our selection of optional B2B & Trade features make it easier to attract and retain long-term custom from other companies.

Available functionality includes switchable inc/ex VAT pricing and trade accounts that can allow you to offer trade-exclusive products, apply discounts exclusive to specified groups of trade customers, set credit limits and much more.

Checkout Optimisation

When it comes to converting visits to sale, the security, speed and convenience of a store's checkout process is absolutely crucial, as slow load times or overly fussy steps can quickly drive customers away, which is why we offer a host of Checkout Optimisation features.

Our impressive array of options includes integrations with payment gateway providers and checkout and credit solutions, as well as additional features designed to streamline the checkout journey for shoppers and ultimately increase conversions.

Content Management & Administration

We've worked with online retailers for over 15 years, so we know that being able to easily and conveniently populate your store with products, update its content, and quickly process sales are absolute priorities. With this in mind, the online stores we build come complete with a comprehensive online admin system that you can use to run your store, which includes a wide range of management tools as standard, and many additional features are also available.

Our feature selection includes comprehensive product, order and customer management tools, performance and usage reports, barcode scanning features, refund functionality, and much, much more.

Cross-Selling / Up-Selling

A major factor of successful online retailing is persuading customers to not only make a purchase, but to also increase how much they spend with you.

Our selection of cross-selling and up-selling features aim to encourage this by displaying similar, higher-priced products, product add-ons such as warranties and accessories, or items from other departments that may be of interest to customers based on what they're viewing.

Customer Service

As you know, excellent customer service is a key factor in establishing loyalty from shoppers both online and offline, which is why we've developed a number of features to help the retailers we work with to strengthen their shopper relations.

These include live chat support, customer surveys, and a customer service system which allows you to conveniently manage and respond to enquiries, and link them to relevant orders, directly via your store's admin system. In addition we can set up automated email notifications to remind customers that they haven't checked out items in their basket, enable customers to order samples, or easily find your closest branch, and much more.

Data Imports

A number of retailers that we work with receive regular product info directly from their suppliers, so to save valuable time and resources, we've developed functionality that allows such product data to be directly imported into the online stores we build. The functionality is compatible with a number of suppliers' systems including Spicers, Feridax, Zyro and Madison.

We can also import newsletter subscriber and customer details (where data is provided), and as standard we enable retailers to import product data into their stores via CSV spreadsheets if required.

Delivery & Fulfilment

To ease order fulfilment, we can integrate the stores we build with a number of courier solutions - including FedEx, Royal Mail, and Parcelforce - enabling retailers to conveniently send consignment data from their store, to their provider.

We also offer additional features such as PDF packing notes and interactive delivery maps, and we provide shipping management functionality as standard with every store that we build, which can enable you to manage your delivery rates, part ship/split orders, and add delivery surcharges to specific products.

Design & Layout

We're renowned for creating online stores that look fantastic, and in addition to producing artwork for site pages we can also provide brand banners to further emphasise any big names that you offer.

We can also create appealing holding pages if you want to entice customers in anticipation of your new store's launch.

EPOS Integration

For multi-channel retailers, we can integrate the stores we build with a wide range of EPOS systems, enabling the synchronisation of stock and order data which can be crucial for those running both online and brick-and-mortar stores.

We can integrate with solutions provided by a huge number of providers, including Touch Retail, Cybertill, Bransom, Fashione, Khaos Control, eSeller Pro, and many more.

International Markets

If you're interested in branching out into international markets and capitalising on cross-border growth currently being enjoyed by many online retailers, we offer a range of features that can help. Our functionality can enable stores to automatically display the correct currency for a customer based on their location, and enable them to complete checkout in their currency too.

We can also create additional language fascias for your store, enabling you to specifically target international customers and offer them the same user experience enjoyed by UK shoppers, plus we also provide a full content translation service in languages including Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Catalan and Dutch.

Mail Order Enhancement

For online retailers that also offer mail order, we have a selection of on-site features that can complement the service including a catalogue request system, a quick order form that customers can use by entering product numbers, and virtual catalogues which can be browsed as interactive flip-books.

Marketing & Promotions

Ongoing marketing can be a vital component of successful online trading, as it takes more than just showcasing products to attract and retain customers, so our comprehensive range of Marketing & Promotions features have been developed to increase visits and revenue by reaching out to new markets and building customer retention.

We can integrate stores with leading affiliate networks, set up competition sections, provide advanced newsletter functionality, enable dynamic remarketing, and much more to help you secure longevity in an increasingly competitive sector.


Our range of multi-channel features can allow you to sell your products via your store as well as additional marketplaces, and conveniently manage all listings and orders directly via your store's admin system.

We can integrate stores with industry giants such as Amazon, eBay and Play.com, which can help online retailers to significantly boost revenue, and we can create product feeds for shopping platforms such as Google Shopping, Kelkoo and Lynku. We also offer mobile versions of stores which deliver an optimum user experience for the rapidly growing number of smartphone shoppers.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

eCommerce focused SEO is an ideal way to attract a high volume of visitors to stores, so as well as building our platform with SEO in mind, we also offer features that can help to strengthen store rankings too.

Our functionality can enable specified keywords across a store to automatically be set as hyperlinks, and also allow you to create unique SEO descriptions for your store's pages, as well as combinations of departments and tags or departments and brands.

Site Navigation & User Journey

The tremendous growth of the etail sector means more opportunity, and more competition, so retailers need to offer excellent user experiences to encourage visitors to return to their store time after time.

To enable this, all of the online stores we create are built with intuitive navigation and streamlined functionality to allow visitors to effortlessly browse at their leisure, or quickly find exactly what they're looking for. We also have a range of Site Navigation & User Journey features which offer extensive functionality including 360-degree product images, product personalisation options, search suggestions, quick buy capability and much more.

Site Trust & Security

Consumer confidence is crucial to win sales - savvy online shoppers want to spend their money with stores that have a strong reputation to ensure they get the service and goods they expect, and no nasty surprises.

One of the most immediate ways to increase trust from visitors is to share feedback from previous customers, so we can provide a range of features that can do just that, including product review functionality, and integration with leading consumer review services such as Trustpilot and eKomi.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing encompasses the use of social networks and online communities to promote businesses to both potential and existing customers. Due to the staggering popularity of social media, it's a marketing approach that can't be overlooked by any online retailer, so we offer a selection of features designed to utilise the opportunities it offers.

Our features include Facebook tabs that can display a store's latest products, competitions, and store locations, as well as discount incentive functionality that rewards visitors that engage with your social media pages. As standard, the stores we build also enable shoppers to quickly and easily share news of their on-store purchases via their own social media accounts.

Special Offers & Incentives

Any store, whether online or brick-and-mortar, needs to provide offers and incentives to its customers to encourage sales, repeat visits and store loyalty, and attract new customers too.

Our range of features enables online retailers to easily hold on-store sales as well as offer free delivery on qualifying purchases. In addition our features can offer discounts to NUS cardholders, customers that have reviewed products, signed up to receive newsletters, made their first purchase, or are celebrating a birthday, and we also have a loyalty programme feature and members area system that can offer rewards on a regular basis to secure long-term custom.

Custom Functionality

In addition to our range of developed features, our Web Development department has the know-how to provide custom functionality where required, which means that where specified, we can tailor our existing features if needed or build completely new ones.

We always listen to what online retailers want, so if you have very specific requirements please let our Business Development team know to ensure we design and build a store that perfectly meets your needs.

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