World IP Day 2016

Today marks World IP Day, a day to promote discussion of the role of intellectual property in encouraging innovation and creativity. In 2014, Visualsoft launched The Innovation Labs, which aims to bring together new and exciting business and product ideas, build them using it’s in-house resources and release them to the market.

Daz Williams, Managing Director of Innovation Labs explains how the company is continuing to be a groundbreaking innovation service:

‘We’re currently working on a new secret big data project that involves collection of enormous amounts of data.

This new innovative technology will process billion points of data and become the cornerstone of our IP portfolio, allowing us to maintain a competitive edge and be the first to market. Instilling smart IP from day one and being agile with our entrepreneurial approach will give us first mover advantage and help us cement our position as the region’s leading innovative company.’

Since its debut, The Innovation Lab has successfully redeveloped a number of independant online businesses including the popular Goofbid; the UK’s number one eBay resource that boasts a multitude of bargain hunting tools and attracts around 3,000 new users each month.

Further company updates will be posted over the coming weeks so keep a look out!


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