Welcome to Our Network!

We’re very pleased to announce the launch of our newest product – the Visualsoft Affiliate Network!

Our brand new Affiliate Network has been created to improve the overall service we offer to both retailers and affiliates. By launching our own private network we are able to offer a range of unique benefits compared to other networks, many of these available exclusively to Visualsoft clients!

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.

At it’s very core, Affiliate Marketing is about relationships, a relationship between three parties: the advertiser, publishers and consumers. With the launch of the Visualsoft Affiliate Network we can offer our clients access to a vast range of external publishers, ranging in size up to millions of users each month.

Using our network, publishers promote and sell your products and in return you pay them a commission (usually a % of the sale decided by you, the client). Publishers only get paid for valid sales so the channel is extremely cost effective.

What are the benefits of the VS Network?

– Reduced costs
We offer the most competitive override and monthly fees on the market.

– Automatic order validation
Our systems automatically update order statuses with our network, so you never need to manually validate orders! It’s also 100% accurate, so you will never pay commission on an order you shouldn’t again.

– Every affiliate vetted
We thoroughly vet each affiliate and as our network is private we have much greater control over affiliates that join, ensuring it’s not just a free-for-all! We only allow affiliates who show great potential, a top quality product or service or who are willing to trial performance with us.

– A tried and trusted platform
Our network is built on the same technology as Trade Doubler, one of the UK’s largest affiliate networks. This means every single affiliate can integrate quickly and easily with any of our clients, no extra work is needed by the affiliate at all, it’s just the flip of a switch.

– Granular reporting
See exactly who your affiliates are and how they are promoting you. Our systems are fully compatible with most leading reporting tools, including Google Analytics, a huge advantage to retailers looking to delve deeper into their data.

– Industry leading feeds
Feeds are still a very common tool for syndicating your product catalogue to affiliates. Many of the top performing affiliates utilise product feeds in some way. Because we are a private network built on our own platform we can produce accurate and detailed feeds that are always up to date. No more out of stock products being advertised!

– Affiliate relationships
We’ve spent years finding the best affiliates for our clients and building strong relationships with them. We can leverage our client pool to attract premium affiliates to our network enabling retailers of all sizes to work with some of the biggest revenue generators in the industry.

– Affiliate migration
We can work with any affiliate, including those that may be a part of an existing affiliate network for your business. Our migration system allows us to import affiliates from any other network to speed up the process of migrating your affiliate marketing from one network to another with minimal downtime.

– Full expert affiliate support
We have dedicated teams for both affiliates and retailers. Every one of our retailers will be given help and advice on running their program, including news on any upcoming affiliates. We also offer a full management service for retailers that do not have time for recruitment and strategy, no matter what you need we have a solution.

For more information on the Visualsoft Affiliate Network, call our Head of Online Marketing Business Development, Ed Harries, on 02072910782

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