Visualsoft top five ‘work perks’ (and how you can join us!)

Last week marked National Employee Motivation Day – a day intended to inspire passion and appreciation through the UK’s workforce. At Visualsoft our primary mantra is happy staff, happy clients, and in aid of this we have decided to highlight the top five employee ‘work perks’…

1. Unlimited Holidays & Flexible Working Hours
Firmly in the number one spot is the benefit of staff being able to take unlimited paid holidays and have flexible working hours. What’s the catch? There isn’t one. Here at Visualsoft our staff are our number one priority and we believe their wellbeing is vital to the success of the company.

The idea is simple. Employees are able to take as much time off as they feel they deserve, and work from wherever they feel comfortable – be that in the comfort of their own home, in a coffee shop or on the go. Employees are not measured by how much time is spent in the office, but instead on the work they produce. Unlimited paid holidays and flexible working policy gives Visualsoft employees the flexibility to choose the hours and days that best suit each individual, as no one’s work life and personal life are exactly the same.

‘Having flexible working hours has meant I don’t have to choose between my career and being a Mum.  I can fit my hours around my daughter and spend quality time with her whilst still working towards my personal goals to progress within the company’. Gemma Foster, Head of Customer Support

2.  Personal Development
Visualsoft’s clear progression structure, coupled with ongoing training and personal development, means that employees see Visualsoft not just as a job, but as a career for life. The company believes that ongoing training promotes job satisfaction – nurturing it’s employees to develop a more rounded skill set helps them to be able to contribute to the company and suggest improvements, solutions to problems and give feedback. Regular 6 month reviews are a great tool to help us recognise employee achievements, discuss new ideas and approaches, agree direction, and work together to meet our goals.

We currently employ 215 staff across 39 different departments in our four offices so opportunities often arise where employees are able to take up other roles within the company.

‘The best thing about the company is knowing there is always room for personal progression and growth. It’s something that’s always been apparent throughout my time here and means you always have goals to work towards and no limit to what you can achieve’.  Adrian Foster, Creative Principle

3. The Offices
Offices at Visualsoft aren’t just rooms filled with desks, they are specially designed inspirational spaces with our employees in mind. We currently have four offices located in Teesside, Newcastle, London and most recently Manchester all of which boast an open plan layout. Our HQ Visualsoft House is our most recently developed office and was designed to have a campus like feel throughout.

The design of Visualsoft House was heavily inspired by Silicon Valley in California and is equipped with games tables, a relaxation area with games console and bean bags, break out areas and pods for staff to work from, a fully stocked kitchen and even a beer tap! The culture of the company is driven by the open plan layout of the new HQ, so that ideas, challenges and solutions can be easily shared, and strong working relationships can be formed. The office hit the headlines after it’s official opening in October and was dubbed one of the coolest places to work in the North East.

‘We know that to attract and retain the best people, we need to offer unrivalled benefits to our staff – having a comfortable, but quirky and fun office space to work in is one of the biggest benefits we can give them’. Dean Benson, CEO

4. The Fun
We love a good party and our themed Halloween and Christmas dos are definite highlights in our social calendar, as well as our summer BBQs which give our staff and their families a chance to get together and celebrate. In addition we hold an annual (and highly competitive) bake-off, and donate proceeds from the sale of cakes and other calorie-laden goodies to charity. Aside from seasonal events, we also organise regular get-togethers to welcome new employees to our team, and reward their hard work.

Our head office is home to a purpose-built area for our employees that they can use to relax, unwind and catch up with colleagues in a comfy environment. Kitted out with a much-loved foosball table, sofas and stools, and an enclosed PS3/Xbox gaming area, it’s the perfect place for a bit of downtime. It also features a well-stocked drinks fridge that’s merrily emptied by employees every Friday evening after a hard week of graft.

For our more active employees, we organise regular sporting events including weekly football matches, the occasional game of golf, and we have our own squash ladder (we hold an annual table football tournament too, if that counts). All of our employees are welcome to take part in any of the events we hold, and we’re also open to suggestions so our budding athletes can invite their Visualsoft colleagues to take part in whatever sport they’re up for.

‘You never have a dull day in Visualsoft HQ, there’s always something going on that keeps work fun. We have regular quizzes to ignite a bit of healthy competition among employees and even recently hired a popcorn cart to celebrate National Popcorn Day!’   Leah Honeyman, Receptionist

5. The People
One of the key features of life at Visualsoft is our friendly environment which generally makes our office a pleasant place to be (and a good laugh at times too). As employees have the option to work from wherever they please, those that are in our offices are there because they want to be, and this is reflected in the clear enthusiasm employees show in the workplace. The social events throughout the year give staff the chance to get to know one another and form strong friendships, and it is this element of friendship that is responsible for the relaxed and fun atmosphere here at Visualsoft.

Employees at Visualsoft are undoubtedly hard working but are also more than happy to let their hair down and have a laugh with their colleagues – you’ll most likely find that there’s a sense of friendly banter between co-workers. There is no dreaded Monday morning feeling at VS – everyone is happy to come to work.

Interested in working for Visualsoft? We have various job roles up for grabs right now, which can all be viewed (and applied for!) by heading over to our website here.

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