The future of eCommerce – creating a unique experience for online consumers

It’s difficult to predict the future, especially in a fast paced industry like eCommerce. The dynamic online environment means that retailers can never ignore what’s going on around them – competitor activity, consumer behaviour, search engine algorithms and omni-channel retail, make eCommerce a difficult field to future-proof!

It is often forgotten that online retail accounts for only 15.2% of overall retail in the UK. This means there is huge scope for greater future growth online, and plenty of opportunity for savvy retailers to join this vibrant marketplace. This is exemplified with Visualsoft – an award winning eCommerce agency – with growth of 300% last year being self-evident of the demand for retailers to play an active part online.

There are likely to be a few key trends that emerge over the coming years, predominantly with personalisation and cross-device advancements. There is an increasing need to create more personalised experiences for consumers as they browse online. This is further enhanced by the huge shift in consumer behaviour as people move their browsing and shopping activity to personal devices like tablets and mobile phones.

Unfortunately, many retailers have been too slow to adapt to changing consumer behaviour. This is reinforced by ‘VS Insights’ (Visualsofts’ own proprietary industry data) showing that around 85% of etailers do not have fully responsive websites – which allows them to scale to the size of the viewing device – and only a fraction of websites employ technology to personalise the experience to consumers’ individual preferences.

Consumers are likely to continue demanding ever more from retailers in future.  Simplifying shopping experiences on mobile devices will be crucial and will help differentiate your business from competitors plus help drive sales growth.  Personalisation of a website will create better, more engaging, unique customer experiences, going some distance to helping future-proof your online business.


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