SEO Q&A with Jake Gauntley

We caught up with Jake our Content Analyst to clear up some answers for frequently asked questions related to SEO. Here’s what he had to say…

1. I’ve been doing SEO for a month now, why aren’t I on the first page of Google?

SEO is a long term strategy: measure results after 6 months and never just on your keyword rankings alone.

2. What content should I add to my website?

You should create engaging, unique content that customers actually want to read about your products and services

3. Should I include links in my content?

In your content, link to two or three relevant pages on your own site to give users a natural pathway to more information.

4. What kinds of blogs work best?

Don’t just write a sales pitch. Answer useful questions, discuss interesting but relevant news, and ask yourself “would I want to read this?”

5. Do I need a mobile-friendly website?

Yes. More than half of all searches are now done on a smartphone and Google favours mobile-friendly sites in its results pages.

6. Will duplicate content harm site performance?

Quality is a major part of Google’s algorithm. If the main text on a page is thin or duplicated from your own site or elsewhere on the web, it will impact your site’s performance.

7. I have 404 errors in Search Console, will I be penalised?

Errors in Search Console won’t automatically penalise your site, but you should fix broken links and redirect 404s where appropriate.

8. If i’m moving my website, can I just redirect everything to the homepage?

NO! Redirects should always be to like-for-like pages in order to maintain search visibility.

9. Google is showing the wrong meta description for my site. What can I do?

Google will use what it feels is relevant to the page. Write unique, relevant descriptions and they should be picked up.

10. I’ve been promised the number 1 spot for 3 of my keywords. Is this real?

NO! Nobody can ever guarantee rankings. Don’t trust them.


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