Scotland falls victim to eCommerce success

High street sales in the UK have been steadily decreasing since the recession began, however Scotland is the latest victim to feel the effects of the thriving eCommerce industry.

According to local newspaper, The Scotsman, 2011 has so far seen a decline in high street stores north of the border, with popular shopping destinations such as Edinburgh and Dundee surprisingly seeing a large decrease in sales on the High Street.

TIt has been reported that 161 stores closed for good in the first half of 2011, due to the level of competition online and new technology in the industry which allows safe shopping online at a cheaper price.

It’s no surprise that low sales figures are expected in the coming months for the high street, with online shopping becoming even more accessible, and the introduction of iPhone and Android Apps, more and more people are choosing to make their purchases on the move.

Statistics from PwC suggest that the impact of the recent recession combined with the government cuts are causing many more people in Scotland and the rest of the UK to turn to their computers or mobile phones when looking for certain items.

This news conforms to recent predictions from the CBI (Confederation of British Industry) which stated that many retailers should be preparing themselves to take a negative hit on High Street sales in 2011.

Around 10 per cent of all sales in Scotland are made online and PwC’s Sara Miller, said that this is likely to increase over the coming months. As such, she expects to see an indefinite reduction in the number of high street outlets which are available for Scottish consumers

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