Retaining your customers

You’ve got the fundamentals right – a great product, a fair price and a brilliant user experience on the site. But how do you retain your customers? Customer retention should be a strategy you consider in order to help you understand the customer life cycle, therefore increasing the value of a customer as well as improving the overall ROI. After all, you’ve put a lot of time, effort and money into turning a website user into a customer, so you’ve already done a lot of the hard work.

Building rapport with your customers is achieved through communication. Here our Customer Support team illustrate the key methods to accomplish this:


Encourage customers to sign up to your newsletter by offering an incentive or exclusive offer. This will help to grow your subscriber base and in turn, increase the amount of customers you’re able to engage with on a regular basis. Research from 2015 shows that just over 70% of customers prefer email communication over other methods, so it’s important to use this platform to your advantage.

You can then target customers based on various criteria, tailoring your newsletters to best suit your objectives while re-engaging the customer and developing their loyalty to your brand. For example, sending a ‘You may also like…’ newsletter to customers that have previously purchased from a particular brand, showcasing some new items from the same brand. In addition to this, automated emails to customers when they hit a certain criteria to encourage them to come back to make a purchase are also effective. For example, if they haven’t purchased in X amount of months, or to promote your USP’s if they’re yet to make their first purchase.

Social Followers

View social networking as a platform to interact with both new and already existing customers. Consider running deals or competitions, or even ask questions that are exclusive to social followers. This demonstrates that you have an interest in your customer base and value their opinion. This way, people can begin to like and trust the brand meaning that they’d be more likely to promote your business and even make a purchase.

By involving your followers in this respect and encouraging them to be as interactive with your brand as possible, you can gain valuable insights which will allow you to adjust your approaches and campaigns as necessary.

Reward Loyalty

Loyal customers are your best advocates. This is especially true as the marketplace grows and becomes more competitive. In order to retain a satisfied customer, it’s important to acknowledge loyalty and reward it. In doing so, you’re doing something extra for your most valued customers.

A returning customer that has been rewarded for their loyalty is more likely to recommend you to others and their endorsement to family and friends is a very powerful tool.  A loyalty scheme can also be implemented to re-engage with lapsed customers, as you will already have access to their buying behaviour information. Similarly to social followers, the data collected from a loyalty programme can highlight key trends in purchase behaviour and can provide you with valuable insights.

In addition to this, there are many affiliate partnerships that focus on prompting customers to return to your site, using a host of tools such as overlays, remarketing banners and reward-based incentives. These tools can be adapted to show various promotions so that they appear to the customer based on their previous buying behaviour in order to persuade them to come back to make a purchase.

In conclusion, a happy customer is more likely to return and make further purchases, as well as becoming a great promoter for your brand!

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