Red Nose Day celebrations

Thosands of people are taking part in fun-filled events across the country today in a bid to raise buckets of cash for Red Nose Day, and Visualsoft is no exception!

A bake sale has been held today in the Visualsoft office to raise money for the cause, with employees showing off their culinary skills and baking cakes for the occasion.

Competition is fierce, and with a small prize up for grabs for the best efforts, everybody is in it to win it. We’ve had everything from fairy cakes and brownies, to biscuits and some very bright red cookies!

As well as the cake sale, which so far has raised an amazing amount for Comic Relief, weve had various other fundraising activities in the office throughout the day, including our HR manager showing up for work in a very fetching sleep-suit, and a ‘Pick a Pose’ competition supplied by the official Red Nose Day website.

The day has so far been a great success, and with a quiz still to be held at 5pm, the rest of the afternoon promises to be just as competitive as the bake sale. A big thanks to everyone that has contributed to the Red Nose Day fund so far.

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