Quadrupling trade makes headlines at nebusiness.co.uk

The good work of Visualsoft has been making headlines again this week.

After quadrupling our trade over the last year, we are really excited about what we can achieve over the next 12 months.

It appears the local media is also, as NEbusiness.co.uk published this article about us on Thursday 30th July 2009:  

A WEB developer is gearing up for exponential growth after becoming the retail darling of the fashion world and quadrupling the level of trade which comes through its doors.

Stockton-based Visualsoft believes it is on track to become the largest national player in e-commerce and is this year set to bring 450 websites to market, compared to 100 last year.

It has also become a major force in online fashion retail and has already secured the backing of over 200 clothing firms for its soon-to-be- launched website, designerclothing.com.

The site aims to become an online designer clothing department store and do for fashion what Autotrader does for cars, or Right Move is for housing – a collection of retailers selling from the same online platform.

The company, which recently moved from Preston Farm to new offices on the Portrack Lane estate, almost doubling its workforce, has invested heavily in the launch of the website.

It plans to add 20 staff to its current workforce of 35 over the next year as its national appeal, particularly in the fashion arena, continues to grow.

Marketing manager Rich Himsworth said: “You don’t have to get more visitors on your site to double your sales, just as long as your site’s designed to convert hits into sales.

“We have got the biggest fashion portfolio in the UK, we are pretty much monopolising that sector.”

Visualsoft says it has enjoyed a rush from retailers looking to increase online revenue streams amid tighter economic conditions. It has also forecast a rush of new clients in the run-up to the festive period. Mr Himsworth added: “We are 12 years old and have never really actively marketed ourselves or had sales staff until now.

“Last year we launched around 100 new websites and had around 200 clients.

“This year we are on target to launch 450 new sites, there will be a rush as we get closer to Christmas.

“When people have seen the downturn on the high street they think they could bring in an extra 10% to the business by launching an e-commerce site. But eventually the website stops being a subsidiary and the High Street becomes the bolt-on.”

Among Visualsoft’s list of fashion clients is high-end Newcastle firm Jules B which is now selling all over the world thanks to an upgraded web presence.

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