New year – new content!

It’s the start of a brand new year, which means it’s time to start planning your content strategy for 2016. If you’ve found yourself getting in a bit of a rut with blog posts, or you think you’ve optimised every page on your site, we’ve put together our top tips for going into the new year with fresh, engaging content.

1. Have a spring clean

When was the last time you checked the existing content on your site? It’s easy to forget about pages once they have had text added to them, however this can lead to outdated information lingering on your site. If you have changed your delivery offers or removed brands that you may have once sold, it’s important that you regularly check existing text to remove anything that is irrelevant.

2. Update ‘evergreen’ content

Your evergreen content is any text on site that is relevant all year round. This could be an infographic showing the evolution of your brand, an about us page or even a blog post with tips on the best ways to use certain products. Checking in on this content every so often can open up opportunities for adding more information, keeping it up to date and most importantly, relevant for your users.

3. Offer more for your visitors

Google stress the importance of offering users the best experience through quality content, so why not look to see how you can make their journey even more engaging? Additional resources such as size guides, interactive outfit builders or even video guides to using products will all add to their user experience. Take a look at your website and work out what you’re missing!

4. Plan a new blog series

If your blog is looking a little dull, it may be time to introduce something new to the mix. The best way to engage and retain readers is to built up a regular, informative blog series that they will want to come back and visit. This could be a series of how to guides, a regular update on what’s going on around the office (ideal if you have a cute office pet to show off) or even interviews with key members of the team.

5. Use your social data

One of the best tools you have at your disposal is your social media profiles. Sharing content that you have created with your audience will give you a valuable snapshot of what is working and what people are simply ignoring. If visual posts are gaining the most attention, update your content strategy to include more infographics, videos or images showcasing new products or offers. If your how to guides are getting engagement, increase their frequency and look at ways to further engage your audience by asking for their feedback or their suggestions for future guides.

Don’t underestimate the impact great content can have on your website. If you’re looking to up your content writing game or just want more information on how you can better optimise your site, why not take a look at our SEO for Beginners workshop ?

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